Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs aka “Fancy Dogs”

  Mmm, sometimes you just need a good hot dog off the grill!!!!!  We have been without a kitchen since July, so we have grilling, crockpotting, and cooking in an electric skillet and toaster over. 

  I have been loving the Hebrew National Hot Dogs, they even go on sale once in a while!  I know hot dogs aren’t good for you, but at least this brand has no corn syrup, nitrates, or extra fake yucky stuff.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs aka “Fancy Dogs”

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Because sometimes you just need a Hot Dog with a little extra class…

  • 12 ounces, weight All Beef Hot Dogs
  • 4 ounces, weight Cheddar Cheese, Thinly Sliced In Strips
  • 8 slices Applewood Bacon, Thick Cut
  • 4 Tablespoons Butter
  • 8 whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns
  • Toppings: Your Favorite Slaw, Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, Sauerkraut, Relish

Slice your hot dogs down the center, but not cutting through to the bottom. Press cheese strips into the sliced opening of the hot dogs.
Wrap with a piece of thick cut bacon, use a half a toothpick at the start and end of the bacon to hold during grilling.IMG_3028
Grill over medium heat until bacon is cooked through, and cheese is melted. Remove from grill and set aside.
Butter hot dogs buns. Place on the hot grates until nicely toasted. Serve hot dogs with your choice of toppings.
Dig in!


Fancy Hot Dogs

4&Blue: Your Life, Stylized.

  I am so excited to be going into business with my dear friend, Kalene from Blue Muse Photography. We have been shooting together the past few years, helping each other out with big shoots and weddings, but now it is official…we are going into business together.

  We both will still keep our client base and do regular shoots alone, but anything stylized, wedding or engagement related from here on out, is shot together. Everything is more fun with a friend!

  We are now taking Weddings for 2015, but slots are limited!  We would love to help you plan your dream wedding and get all the detailed shots your heart desires on your big day.

  This is Emily, she and her mom had a neat idea, do a shoot in Mom’s wedding gown……

IMG_3500 copyIMG_3512 copyIMG_3518 copyIMG_3545 copyIMG_3566 copyIMG_4816 copyIMG_4853 copyIMG_4910 copyIMG_3624 copy

Meet Malcom and Amy, they decided to do a Trash The Dress Anniversary shoot.  Her motto?

Remember the moment, forget the rules.

  005 copy010 copy021 copy023 copy025 copy030 copy039 copy041 copy044 copy055 copy056 copy059 copy077 copy
087 copy092 copy096 copy103 copy105 copy111 copy119 copy120 copy126 copy133 copy139 copy147 copy

This is Jeff and Natalie, their romance spanned across the US, as they communicated long distance through their relationship.  They will be getting married this year in Cali.

We loved that they were so open to our ideas for this shoot!
01 copy03 copy11 copy16 copy25 copy26 copy29 copy

32 bw copy33 copy35 copy38 bw copy42 copy43 bw copy50 copy54 bw copy56 copy62 copy64 copy65 copy68 copy72 copy73 copy75 copy77 copy78 copy79 copy81 copy82 copy83 copy84 copy86 copy85 copy

4 little Ferguson’s Wedding

    You never know what the weather will do where we live, and this particular fall day, it was SNOWING! 

  This outdoor wedding just got a whole lot more interesting. 

  The bridal party and bride and groom were total troopers, tramping around in the mud.0002 (1) copy0020 (1) copy0008 copy0015 copy0016 copy0041 (1) copy0088 1 copy0124 (1) blue sky copy0044 copy0072 copy0185 (1) copy


  The groom’s family, and his friends, are AVID hunters. In fact, the brides gift to the groom was a handgun, so we were sure to get some gun shots for them, as requested.  Pretty neat! And don’t worry, we were very careful! :)



0189 copy0194 (1) copy0202 (1) copy

  After much prayer, and last minute location decisions, the Sun came out just in time for ceremony. Sonshine, anyone?  Praise the Lord!
Good thing too, because not only did the brides parents build a GORGEOUS outdoor sanctuary, but she had a big entry planned for her groom!

0265 copy0309 copy0314 copy
0303 copy0306 copy0315 copy0321 copy
0474 copy
The wedding was amazing, and their first kiss was shared on the altar!  True love, God’s way.
0475 (1) copy0479 copy
  Due to the bad weather, we had to miss all of the couples part of the shoot, so Kalene and I drove back another day to wrap this session up. It was actually really nice to shoot without the pressure of the wedding ceremony start time looming.  706 1 vintage copy715 v copy716 copy724 copy733 copy714 copy738 vintage copy765 copy772 copy773 copy786 copy794 copy815 bw copy820 vintage copy

4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Newborns and Babies

  I don’t photograph newborns often, but once in a while I try my hand at it.  This is an area I will not continue in, it’s just a lot of hours of work, and with me being an outdoor photographer, it does not lend itself to newborn photography!  These babies sure made me wish I had a studio though! :) 

  We just worked in front of my fireplace in the living room since it was such a cold, wintery day.  The girls cooperated beautifully!
12baby blog 1baby blog 2baby blog 3
This next set of photos is for a little doll named Emmy.  

You met her and her family when I shared their Splatter Paint Maternity session, followed by her newborn shoot:
Collage 2Collage 5
110 copyblog 1blog 2
3 months
IMG_8838 copyIMG_8922  old timey copy
IMG_8898 copy
6 months
Collage 3IMG_4088 copy
9 months
12 months
IMG_0596 copyIMG_0663 copyIMG_0797 copyIMG_0811 copyIMG_0891 copyIMG_0985 copyIMG_0952 copyIMG_1078 copy
And because she has cried adorably every session end, here you go…..
I simply adore crying photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Em