The 4 Seasons of Home

  Welcome back! Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?  We did! We all have so much to be thankful for.

  So, a long, long time ago, I asked for your help on Facebook, to decide which 4 Canvases I should hang in my home to represent each of the 4 Seasons.

  This project has taken me over 2 years sadly, because the first year, I was almost done getting my images from each Season, when my computer crashed.  Then I was grumpy about it, and didn’t shoot the Seasons again for a few years.  This year, I got it done, AND ordered canvases. Woot woot!

I couldn’t just pick one, so some Seasons have two canvases to pick from, or maybe I could switch out half way through a season or something….

Hey, a girl has GOT to have OPTIONS! :)

I will try to show both the image on my wall, and the original image in the following photos.



I chose this bench one for now, but here are a few others I am dying to get as I see good deals on canvases.

We live in a place that snow can most definitely represent Spring!IMG_8472IMG_9370




berry screen shot




I want this one too. I love our windmill!  IMG_0439

Some others I am considering….



  I narrowed it down to just 2 images, this first one is what you see in the photo.  IMG_4878

The one of Dale, Pax and Bambi made the evening news last year!  It is the second canvas I have, and plan to switch it to this for January and February.IMG_4862

  The problem is, I love the next 3 images as well, but didn’t get canvases made. 

Maybe some day I will do a big canvas grid arrangement for winter?!?!?!  :)

Apparently, it’s my favorite Season to photograph?!  I have a plethora of choices!IMG_2684

  This one of our ducks and chickens made the local newspaper.  Despite the snow in it, it lives on my mantel year around and is my favorite of all time.  Ducks and Chickens

  That is the 4 Seasons of Home, from my house to yours.


  For those asking, (thank you, I am so honored!) images are available for purchase at my photography website, or if you want a professional canvas made, I need to order it for you.







Shopping with DoTERRA

This is Post 2 for today, be sure to head back to Post 1: Healing from Home.

Another great way to save money with doTERRA, is the *Loyalty Rewards Program.


This is for people who want to shop more regularly, and continue to build their oil stash….

  DoTERRA pays for shopping by giving you the 3 P’s:

  1.   Having 50 pv in your cart means you get points to spend on future orders.  
  2.   Having 100 pv in your cart, means you get points and a paycheck.  
  3.   Having 125 pv in your cart, means you get points, paycheck AND the free product of the month.  (They give out all oils, from low priced to high end, $100 ones!!!)

All this, just for shopping with doTERRA regularly, and also for referring friends!

doTERRA takes such good care of us, because the longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases.  What that means in lay terms, is that last month I spent 100 of my earned points, and got $100 worth of free oils, only paying shipping and a small fee.

  Um, YES PLEASE!  Did you know, as a Loyalty Rewards member, they also give you 100% of your shipping costs, back to you in free points for free oils.  NICE!  *This applies to first time kit orders and loyalty rewards orders only.  Otherwise it’s 50% back.

Again I will say, this is not a required program when you become a member, but if you are going to shop anyways, it’d be foolish not to earn points and free oils.  I cannot WAIT for my oil order to come each month, so we can restock, try new things, AND so I can see what free oil they sent this month.  This company is not stingy, they send out the expensive oils as freebies, too!!!!!!

Yes, you can start or stop Loyalty Rewards at any time.  If you stop the program, be sure and cash in your Loyalty Rewards Points first or else they will be forfeited.  Keep in mind, if you stop the program and choose to start again, you will begin at the 10% level, which stinks if you made it to 30%!!!!!  It’d be smarter to buy one little thing and stay active, then to lose it all together.

I didn’t sign up with doTERRA to sell the product, rather, I went into it knowing I would be a consumer only. However, because I love to talk about things I LOVE, I am currently earning about $250 a month with doTERRA.

This is paying for my monthly oil order, as well as an extra bill or clothes for the kids.  Praise the Lord!

The business side of DoTERRA works on a power of 3 set up, I sign up 3 girls and get $50 a month, I sign up their girls with 3 girls each, and I get $250 a month.  My goal for 2015, is to get THEIR 3 girls 3 girls, so that we can reach $1500 a month. That part can be reproduced again and again.

Goal 1 goal 2 goal 3

The oils really do just sell themselves.  All I do is put info out there on social media, about what we used that day, or which recipe is in my diffuser, or offer advice to a frazzled, non sleeping Momma now and then.  Thankfully, more and more people are realizing how flawed our health care system is, and are leaning more towards natural remedies again.

I am going to stop for today, please feel free to ask any questions you have about signing up, and or the Loyalty Rewards program, in the comments section, and I will do my best to answer promptly. I am also going to link a video so you can hear this in another persons words.

If you still aren’t sure about how this all works, please take a look at this video:


The A-Z’s of doTERRA Oils: Part 3

  Wrapping up our Alphabet today with V-Z!

V is for Virus

  Oregano called the most powerful, natural anti-virus, anti bacterial, antibiotic, found in Nature.  I don’t care what they call it, I just know it WORKS!

Oregano  Origanum vulgare



  Do not rub this on healthy skin, rather, use it with a qtip on warts and skin tags, to easily remove.  It’s safe to use on feet bottoms as directed earlier, to quickly move the body from sick to healthy, because oregano can cross into a cell wall.

  This is one of the ones I used that first night we had our oils plus the stomach flu. This is top 2 at my house, second only to On Guard!

Please do not use if you are pregnant!  Also, this is a ‘hot’ oil, so use with caution on young children.  We use it on everyone 3 and up at our house, but only mommy can apply this oil and only to feet bottoms! The skin there is hardy enough to handle it.  I don’t dilute, but a lot of people do.


W is for Wrinkles

  Frankincense in Coconut Oil is a great and affordable night cream and face cream.  Add in Immortel, not pictured, for amazing results!  (Seen in both wrinkle reduction and glasses prescription changes)


X is for I am so eXcited about these OILS!!!!

Ok fine, X is for nothing in my oil box, but I tried!  ;)

Y is for Yawn

Melatonin is an important part of sleep, GOOD sleep.

That is where CEDARWOOD comes in.  Just swipe it across your forehead, and on feet bottoms, and head to bed! 



Any of these will help you achieve a good nights sleep.


Good night.   T

Catch up on this A-Z oils series here:

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And wait, before you go, please watch my FAVORITE oil video of all time, Medicine Cabinet Makeover.

  It will get you thinking about all the things you can replace in your home with natural things instead!!!  More tomorrow!!!  

Are you having fun learning about oils?  I sure had fun putting this together for you all.


My favorite oil video!