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It has come to my attention, that I have some new readers who don’t know us from church, or school, or facebook….so I decided to add this page so they can “meet” the fam all in one convenient location! 

 This is the love of my life, Dale. 


He is a corn-fed country boy who grew up on a dairy farm.  An Insurance Agent by day and a Daddy by night, he is the sole bread-winner for our family.  He loves to golf, hunt and fish.  He blesses my heart in more ways than I could ever list, and I am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man.  

   I’m Tonya, the voice behind this blog, and the face behind the camera lens.   I love to bargain shop, journal, organize, read Christian Novels, make lists, eat, and talk with other momma’s…..and not in that order!  I have been known to have 8 different half gallons of ice cream in my deep freeze at any given time of the year, winter or summer, and I am ok with that!  I am a “Foodie” through and through, totally addicted to trying new recipes, which I love to share.  This blog is a peek into my daily life as a Stay at Home Momma to my 4 little Ferguson’s, whom I will now introduce you to…..

Destiny is 8 and a 3rd grader at our local Christian school.  (My alma mater)  She is your typical big sister/mother hen through and through!  She has the heart of a pleaser, and often asks,  “Mom, is there anything I can do to help you right now?”  She is such blessing to me and such a little lady!  She loves to read, play with her siblings, do arts & crafts projects, and is currently saving up all her dollars for a horse.  And, she will tell you, after daddy’s talk about the cost of owning such an animal, that she is also saving up for a trailer, a saddle, and a barn as well.


Tylan is 5 now!  He is a tender-hearted little guy, and wants to do the right thing.  He loves to be told he is a gentleman and insists on holding the door open for us girls.  He will show you his big muscles from eating his “Beggies” at any given moment, so be ready for tickets to the “The Gun Show”.  Speaking of guns, he loves to do anything Daddy does and insists on “hunting” like daddy, or just being out in the shop with him for hours on end helping.  When he is not allowed outside due to cold temps, he stares longingly out the window at daddy as he chops wood for the fireplace.



    Avery is 3 and the firecracker of the family. When she was born, we had to learn how to parent all over again.  She was our first child to throw a fit, arching her back and sliding down my leg as I tried to hang on to her.  Dale and I just stood there looking DUMBFOUNDED at each other!  Who was this child?! How were we ever 014going to handle such a live wire?  :) We managed and I gotta say, that little girl is pure sunshine.  (with the occasional storm!)  She loves anything girly, sparkly or faaaancy, as she likes to say.  She is best buds with Tylan since they are home together all day, but also can play very quietly on her own with no problem.020


  Meet Paxton, our 2 year old.  Our fourth and final little Ferguson and a miracle, straight from the hand of our Heavenly Father.  His story is told here: http://4littlefergusons.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/the-story-of-paxton/071

   Paxton fills our home with giggle & grins.  He is so squishy and sweet, that I can’t help but just cuddle him and smooch him all over! :)  As you can tell, I am throughly enjoying this final baby of mine, trying to etch in my memory the feel of a baby in my arms, since these memories have to last me forever more.

    This is Sophie, our loveable, yet annoying, mutt.  Her full name is Sophie Tinkles Ferguson.  You will understand this name should you ever reach down to pet her.  She and Dale have a love-hate relationship.

This is the place we call Home Sweet Home. 

  We are so thankful to live in the country!!!  Man, I never thought I’d write those words! I was a city girl through and through before I married Dale, but I am learning how to be a citified-country girl, and never want to live in town again.  We even got some chickens!

  That’s pretty country-ish, right?! 

We have slowly, but surely been fixing up our 1940′s Ranch style house, adding on an addition before the birth of Ty so the kids could have 2 bedrooms.  And most recently, spiffed up the laundry room and added a pantry.

Well, that’s it.  You’ve met the whole gang. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop in!  Come see us again soon…..


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30 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I randomly found your blog from a recipe and had fun visiting! I have 4 kiddos myself and live in Kansas too. We live in the country on a farm. I’ll be sure to visit again!

    • Thanks Arianne!! It’s always nice to meet a fellow “Bible Belt-er”. (Is that a word?) Ok, a fellow Jesus lovin’, country livin’ Kansan. I just was on your blog too. BLESS you woman, a house full of men! I added you to my blog favorites and will be checking in on you too. :)

  2. It’s nice to learn about you and your family. You certainly have your hands full (in a good way)! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I look forward to reading more of your blog as well.

  3. I can’t imagine anyone NOT falling in love with you and your precious family after reading this beautiful bio. I’m soooo glad to know which state you live in! In case you didn’t know, I’m in Ohio.

    • Thank you. :) Ohio is a beautiful place, we took a month one summer and traveled there when I was a child to see some friends of my parents, then on to do the East coast. We “Mennonited” our way across the nation, parking our RV in the next friends driveway and sharing a meal before moving on. GREAT memories!

  4. Love this blog… So Sweeeeet to see ur kids….. sooooooo cute and so lovely.

    I really had a very pleasant reading. I like your writing n photographs.

    Its so nice & warmth to see your family photos.


  5. Nice to meet you! I hope to continue to read your blog and be inspired about how your life’s journeys through the ups and downs plus smile along the way. What a lovely family you have!!!

  6. Pingback: The Addictive Blog Award – July 2012 « The PaperCup Kitchen

  7. Precious, precious family! Your Avery sounds a lot like my little A….well, actually, our son was/is like that, too! Firecrackers, a good way to put it. I’m not sure what I would do if we had another child who was tempered more mildly. God knows what we need, and I suppose when I prayed for patience, energy, and cheerfulness, He knew the best way was to sharpen those things in my heart as I lived them out with my two beloved children. We are in Florida (Gulf Coast), in one of those cookie-cutter suburban neighborhoods…but we are in a cul-de-sac, and our next door neighbors are absolutely wonderful–it’s a very fun place to be! I’ll be stopping by again for more blog visits!

  8. Wow I just read your Define Necessity post! I so much appreciate your outlook and wish more of us saw how Christmas has become about shopping, shopping, shopping. It’s about Christ and loving others as he has called us to. I forwarded your article to my family and friends and then posted on my FB page :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. I just found your blog and I can deeply relate to what you’ve been through in your marriage… You made me feel that theres always Hope in the Lord, for our future no matter how difficult our battles in life are… Just as what He has promised us in Jeremiah 29:11… your personal testimony in your marriage is truly an inspiration to me… ;) God bless your family….

  10. I just came across your blog, what got me to read was seeing you are not ashamed
    Of being a believer, Praise be to our Father.
    I think you are trying and doing what you believe is the best for you and your
    Family , go country girl!!!!! see you again.

  11. Please pray God will send my wife home to me and our 3 kids 11,10,7 she is talking to another guy online the devil is fighting her she is under conviction and trying to make me doubt i know he wouldnt be fighting so hard if we wasnt meant to be i miss her and am standing im at joshg82278@gmail.com thanks so much

    • The battle has been won, the Victory is ours, bought and paid for by the Blood of Jesus. Now you just pray for your wife, on your face before Jesus. Ask Him to break her and make her new. God is still in the Restoration Business. Go read the Prodigal Spouse, and never stop watching the road for her return, believing it WILL be.
      Speak life and not death to your children about their mother, say good things, have them join you in prayer.
      Prayers for you…Tonya

  12. There is a photo on your website that I would like to get more information about, it showed up on the Southern Memories group site and it is titled “Appalachia”, I would like to know where it was located and about what year it was done. I don’t see a place where I might attach it here so I will wait until I hear from you. Thank you for reading this,
    Joan Montgomery

  13. One other question if you don’t mind. Times were hard back then and most families didn’t have cameras so traveling photographers would do it for a fee. You usually see the complete family in a photo but there is no mother, was she living at that time? Thank you so much for giving your time to answer my questions. You have a great web site.

    • Talked to my dad on your behalf, here is what he said about the photos: “That picture was taken during the “dirty thirties”, in 1938 actually, with my dad and two oldest brothers. They lived just south of Hutchinson, Ks. My mom was taking the picture of their new tractor and plow and couldn’t be in the shot. Notice my oldest brother (age3) standing on the tractor seat. They were just starting their farming and were so proud.

    • Talked to my dad on your behalf, here is what he said about the photos: “That picture was taken during the “dirty thirties”, in 1938 actually, with my dad and two oldest brothers. They lived just south of Hutchinson, Ks. My mom was taking the picture of their new tractor and plow and couldn’t be in the shot. Notice my oldest brother (age3) standing on the tractor seat. They were just starting their farming and were so proud.”

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