Lilla Rose GIVEAWAY! {Guest Post}

  I am so excited about all these giveaways for our readers!  Today’s post is from a Lilla Rose Consultant, and blog reader, Carrie.

  Lilla Rose has really neat hair accessories. Carrie so sweetly sent some for us to play with and try on. These clips worked well in BOTH my girls hair. That never ever happens!  That is because Destiny has thick thick hair with some natural wave to it, ponytails and updos are a trick, because of the sheer weight of it.  Destiny4.jpg

  Then, there is little Avery.  She has baby fine hair with lots of static and no wave at all. It’s pure silk, so nothing stays in.  

Lilla Rose hair accessories and flexi clips are advertised to use on all kinds of hair.     IMG_7025

They are supposed to stay in place really well, check out this testimony.

image (4)

Flexi is designed with this really neat bendy stick that slips under the hair, between the figure 8 and tightly through the other side.

Here goes……Destiny first.


Destiny LOVED this one, and it looked really great in a half up.  I believe this one is a medium size.IMG_7029


I think if she wanted to do the up do’s that were listed, she would need a large flexi clip size to hold all her hair.    IMG_7033

Then it would look more like this:
image (6)

I didn’t think Avery’s would work at all, but it was surprisingly tight and held wonderfully!  IMG_7040

I believe this is a small size. Its so darling!!!!

Here is Carrie to tell you more about herself and this great company! Thanks for sharing with us today!

Hi! My name is Carrie Loofbourrow, and  I have been following Tonya’s blog for the last several years! I am an Independent Consultant for an amazing hair accessories company called Lilla Rose. I am excited that Tonya and her girls were able to review some of Lilla Rose’s hair accessories! Here is a little more about me :)

I am a Christian, homeschool graduate, oldest of six children, now married and the mommy to three of my own children! My husband, Seth, is in his first year of a D.O. medical school, and we have gone through a lot of late-study-nights as husband and wife as he has mostly been in college since we got married January of 2009! If I wasn’t officially a night owl before I married I certainly am one now! ;)  I endearingly call our children, a four year old girl and two younger boys,  “kidlets” and “My Three Musketeers” as they are sweet and thoughtful but also way too curious for their own good, and the best of troublemakers and accomplices to all sorts of mischievous endeavors! :)

A few fun facts:

* I LOVE to read. Books are some of my favorite “people”!

* Baking and cooking are two passions that started from a wee girl being taught how to make dad’s famous sausage gravy and biscuits and cinnamon rolls :)

* I dearly love looking at recipe books and recipes online, but have to shamefully admit that I never seem to stay within the confines of a recipe. I can’t help myself! I always improvise something! :D

* I believe music is one of God’s greatest gifts to the world! My favorite bands and musicians are Kutless, Casting Crowns, Barlow Girls, The Piano Guys, and Celtic Thunder!

* Abolitionist work is very dear to my heart; and I believe no one should be a slave and everyone in the world deserves real freedom, in every aspect of their lives!

* Signing up with Lilla Rose to become a consultant was a new and exciting thing for me as I have never done anything like that before! I have been learning a lot, including how to run my own business within a direct sales company, how to share with people about something I truly love and think is amazing, and how to help my husband and family by complimenting our income with a part-time job that enables me to still be a stay-at-home mom and wife!

  I was very skeptical when I tried Lilla Rose’s most popular item (the Flexi clip) several months ago.  I have tried a lot of hair accessories, especially the ones my sister (who could easily be a beautician) has recommended to me but all of them  have miserably failed!! My hair is thick and baby fine making it super “slick”.  Usually I keep it on the longer side, so nothing can keep it up without it sliding out all over, or giving me bad headaches!  It certainly does not help that I can do little else besides braids and ponytails in my own hair too!  I can do some nice hair-do’s in my three sisters hair but when it comes to mine…. Yeah I better just leave it alone! ;)

  So, my above mentioned sister and mum told me several times that I just HAD to try these flexi clips!  A friend had a Lilla Rose facebook party early spring and I decided it was time to try out the famed “Flexi”. It came and I tried to use it in a ponytail and a half-up but alas it just did not work, so I put it away as we were moving cross country in a few weeks. Seth and I moved from a cool, 60* June day in the Northwest and arriving in Arizona to 105* and dry temps! Even though we were mentally prepared for the heat nothing really prepares you for that kind of shock! :) With my long (mid-back) hair getting in the way while we unloaded, and sweat pouring off my forehead, I decided I would get out that Flexi and try it again… by trying it up in a bun twist this time! Guess what?!?! It worked!!! And I helped unload and unpack and chased after three hyper kids that entire day without having to adjust my hair PLUS I noticed I didn’t get a tension headache from having put all my hair up!!!

That day, everything changed! ;)

  For the next two months I wore that Flexi EVERY SINGLE DAY! It was suddenly my new best friend, my daily life saver especially as the temps soared up into summer heat of near 120*! I was spending less time fixing my hair but with much better results! (My new favorite hairstyle takes 30 seconds! :)  I realized later that had I wanted a flexi to use for ponytails, half-ups, and other small hairstyles I needed a different size of flexi than I had bought.  However,  I DID figure out some cute and fun twists and buns that were simple and easy to put in my hair with my original flexi! And when I bought a smaller size, between the two clips I found I could do more hairstyles in my own hair than I even knew existed! :)

  I was sooo happy with these products I decided I had to share the Lilla Rose “love” with others and contacted the consultant that I had bought my first Flexi from, and she helped answer all my questions and a within a week was a signed Independent Lilla Rose Consultant! :) I am loving this new adventure, and the company- they’re amazing! I’m also enjoying experimenting with new hairstyles, adding to my own Lilla Rose collection, and best of all helping other ladies (and girls!) find the perfect styles and sizes of accessories for their own hair, bringing them simple beauty and joy to their lives!! (I love helping host facebook and home parties for my customers too)! :)

Hope you enjoyed Tonya and Destiny’s review, because I want to give YOU a chance to own a Flexi too! But first, check out all the great hair styles you can do using a Flexi clip!

This is one is probably my favorite hairstyle! I usually can put it up in 30 seconds and it stays all day! ;)image (1)
(Kaleidoscope Flexi)
Twisted half-up! (Anchors Aweigh)
image (5)
Round bun with the Flexi on the top… (Kaleidoscope)
image (2)
Bun with twisted sides (Rose Medley)
image (3)
Ponytail (Turquoise Tranquility)
image (4)

  Now for the givewaway!  Contest is now closed and winners have been notified.

  Two of you will win a Flexi of your choice, valued up to $16 each!

 {New Lilla Rose customers only! Giveaway open only to U.S. residents only.}
  Although Lilla Rose does offer international shipping and paypal now, I personally am not able to offer the giveaway prizes internationally right now.  Winners will be contacted by email December 10th, and this blog post will be updated then as well.
#1 Going to my website ( ) and coming back here to this blog post, and commenting on which clip is your favorite.
2# Going to my facebook page ( ) and leaving a comment (even a hello, I read Tonya’s 4 Little Ferguson’s blog review, etc)
Here are a few fun and awesome facts about Lilla Rose:
~Lilla Rose offers refund up to 60 days.
~Exchanges with free shipping up to 90 days, and 1 year guarantee!
~The Flexi’s are made from music wire which makes them super strong, durable, and flexible :)
~John Dorsey, the owner and founder, of Lilla Rose started making hair accessories for his wife and then friends in his garage! ;)
~They offer not only the well loved Flexi’s, but also You-Pins, Hair Sticks, Headbands, Flexi-Oh’s, Bobby Pins, & Badge Clips!!!
  It is called a HOOU (Have One On Us) where, brand new customers buy 3 items they get a 4th item free! They must register on my website and it has to be a first purchase. (or all three items must be purchased within the time of a party, giveaway, etc) 
image (6)
  Thanks so much for letting me share with you! I can’t wait to give away some Flexi clips!
Videos with more info:

The 4 Seasons of Home

  Welcome back! Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?  We did! We all have so much to be thankful for.

  So, a long, long time ago, I asked for your help on Facebook, to decide which 4 Canvases I should hang in my home to represent each of the 4 Seasons.

  This project has taken me over 2 years sadly, because the first year, I was almost done getting my images from each Season, when my computer crashed.  Then I was grumpy about it, and didn’t shoot the Seasons again for a few years.  This year, I got it done, AND ordered canvases. Woot woot!

I couldn’t just pick one, so some Seasons have two canvases to pick from, or maybe I could switch out half way through a season or something….

Hey, a girl has GOT to have OPTIONS! :)

I will try to show both the image on my wall, and the original image in the following photos.



I chose this bench one for now, but here are a few others I am dying to get as I see good deals on canvases.

We live in a place that snow can most definitely represent Spring!IMG_8472IMG_9370




berry screen shot




I want this one too. I love our windmill!  IMG_0439

Some others I am considering….



  I narrowed it down to just 2 images, this first one is what you see in the photo.  IMG_4878

The one of Dale, Pax and Bambi made the evening news last year!  It is the second canvas I have, and plan to switch it to this for January and February.IMG_4862

  The problem is, I love the next 3 images as well, but didn’t get canvases made. 

Maybe some day I will do a big canvas grid arrangement for winter?!?!?!  :)

Apparently, it’s my favorite Season to photograph?!  I have a plethora of choices!IMG_2684

  This one of our ducks and chickens made the local newspaper.  Despite the snow in it, it lives on my mantel year around and is my favorite of all time.  Ducks and Chickens

  That is the 4 Seasons of Home, from my house to yours.


  For those asking, (thank you, I am so honored!) images are available for purchase at my photography website, or if you want a professional canvas made, I need to order it for you.







Weekend Potluck #145

Hi and welcome to Weekend Potluck, where friends and foodies, meet and eat together, allll Weekend long!

Now, let’s take a quick peek back at last week

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Crock Pot Turkey Breast by Spicy Southern Kitchen

Recipes that caught our attention ~

Caramel Pumpkin Skillet Pie by Miz Helen’s Country Cottage

Cloud Like Crescent Rolls by Eat Cake for Dinner

And, a personal favorite ~

Sourdough Sausage Stuffing by Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish

Your hostesses ~

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Shopping with DoTERRA

This is Post 2 for today, be sure to head back to Post 1: Healing from Home.

Another great way to save money with doTERRA, is the *Loyalty Rewards Program.


This is for people who want to shop more regularly, and continue to build their oil stash….

  DoTERRA pays for shopping by giving you the 3 P’s:

  1.   Having 50 pv in your cart means you get points to spend on future orders.  
  2.   Having 100 pv in your cart, means you get points and a paycheck.  
  3.   Having 125 pv in your cart, means you get points, paycheck AND the free product of the month.  (They give out all oils, from low priced to high end, $100 ones!!!)

All this, just for shopping with doTERRA regularly, and also for referring friends!

doTERRA takes such good care of us, because the longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases.  What that means in lay terms, is that last month I spent 100 of my earned points, and got $100 worth of free oils, only paying shipping and a small fee.

  Um, YES PLEASE!  Did you know, as a Loyalty Rewards member, they also give you 100% of your shipping costs, back to you in free points for free oils.  NICE!  *This applies to first time kit orders and loyalty rewards orders only.  Otherwise it’s 50% back.

Again I will say, this is not a required program when you become a member, but if you are going to shop anyways, it’d be foolish not to earn points and free oils.  I cannot WAIT for my oil order to come each month, so we can restock, try new things, AND so I can see what free oil they sent this month.  This company is not stingy, they send out the expensive oils as freebies, too!!!!!!

Yes, you can start or stop Loyalty Rewards at any time.  If you stop the program, be sure and cash in your Loyalty Rewards Points first or else they will be forfeited.  Keep in mind, if you stop the program and choose to start again, you will begin at the 10% level, which stinks if you made it to 30%!!!!!  It’d be smarter to buy one little thing and stay active, then to lose it all together.

I didn’t sign up with doTERRA to sell the product, rather, I went into it knowing I would be a consumer only. However, because I love to talk about things I LOVE, I am currently earning about $250 a month with doTERRA.

This is paying for my monthly oil order, as well as an extra bill or clothes for the kids.  Praise the Lord!

The business side of DoTERRA works on a power of 3 set up, I sign up 3 girls and get $50 a month, I sign up their girls with 3 girls each, and I get $250 a month.  My goal for 2015, is to get THEIR 3 girls 3 girls, so that we can reach $1500 a month. That part can be reproduced again and again.

Goal 1 goal 2 goal 3

The oils really do just sell themselves.  All I do is put info out there on social media, about what we used that day, or which recipe is in my diffuser, or offer advice to a frazzled, non sleeping Momma now and then.  Thankfully, more and more people are realizing how flawed our health care system is, and are leaning more towards natural remedies again.

I am going to stop for today, please feel free to ask any questions you have about signing up, and or the Loyalty Rewards program, in the comments section, and I will do my best to answer promptly. I am also going to link a video so you can hear this in another persons words.

If you still aren’t sure about how this all works, please take a look at this video: