Back To School 2013

  Yesterday was our first day of school!  Waaah! How is summer OVER already!?!?!

  I missed the Bigs terribly, but the Littles and I did enjoy our one on one time together!!!!

  Avery is a new 5, so her teachers felt it was important for her to wait one more year.  They also explained the benefits of siblings not following each other back to back in school.   Made sense!

  So, rather than do preschool another year, I am homeschooling her.  My little over achiever wanted TWO lessons today, so who was I to say no?  This is the curriculum I am using, so far I love it! Colorful and fun activities!!!!!!  Praise the Lord, it came through Zulilly last week for $14, so I snatched it up!  If you aren’t part of Zulily yet, you are missing out.

  In addition to this curriculum, I have gotten shoes for Tylan for $8, you will see them in his photo below.  Rather than buying one pair for $30, I was able to get him THREE pairs of shoes for less than that last year!!!!!! How fun to have different shoes to go with his different colored uniforms. 

  I have also gotten some neat, hands on Christmas gifts tucked away, and talk about great photo props! I am in HEAVEN!

  If you sign up so that you can receive their emails full of discount boutique items, I would be so blessed if you would use my referral link! 

Thank you! :)


  Back to School morning would not be complete without photographs and collages!  They have changed SOOOO much since last year!!!!  Take a peek here.  Eeek! How is that even possible!?

Destiny is in her LAST year of Elementary school…….

Destiny School Collage

This is Tylan’s first year to be at school ALL day.  He was very excited to skip nap time and eat lunch at school ON A TRAY! Too cool!

Tylan School Collage

Avery will be ready for Kindergarten next year! She is such a good little student, blessed to have her home one more year.  There would’ve been some serious boo-hooing yesterday morning if I only had one left at home!!!!

Avery School Collage

  And although he was not dressed for the occasion AT ALL, Mr. Pax INSISTED he get a photo shoot too!  Ok buddy, you are pretty darn cute in your jammies, pull up, crocs and the ever important noise reducing ear plugs.

Paxton Collage

Happy Back to School everyone!  Here’s to a great year….



Paxton Is 3!

  Paxton turned 3 this weekend. HOW IS MY BABY THREEEEEEE??????????????????????

From that to this, in just a few short years………….

Paxton, age 1 and 3

Happy Birthday, Tank!

   You make my heart go pitter-patter with your luscious lips, big eyes and SQUISHY cheeks!!!!!!  You sure are growing up fast, but never fear, you will be my baby forever and ever.  :)  If you are new to 4 little Fergusons, you may read the story of Paxton here.  

  He was born a hearty 10 pounds 3 ounces against a whole lot of medical odds.  The Lord truly worked a miracle for us as He fed and gave our little {big} man oxygen in the womb.  

Happy Birthday Paxton
Love you to the Moon and back, little one!

~Mommy  xoxox

Collage 1Collage 2Collage 3Collage 5Collage 6Collage 7Collage 9Collage 8

Pictures Tell the Greatest Stories…

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous boy named Paxton.


  He was such a good, pleasant little boy, but he just seemed to get himself into messy predicaments.

A LOT.  

  Case in point, yesterday at Hobby Lobby.  If you follow us on Facebook, you already read about this.  Here was my status update:

Oh my goodness, whose naughty child is throwing ribbon spools and watching them roll at Hobby Lobby while mommy’s back is turned?
Oh wait. Mine.

Yup, that would be my Paxton.  He told me as he cleaned them up that they were “Truck Tires”.  I made him apologize to the clerk and got out of there asap.  My other kids NEVER did this kind of thing, I don’t even know where to hide when he does this stuff.  Someone on Facebook suggested I hollar, “Where are your parents?”  Haha, I liked that one! :)


   So on the particularly lovely day that this next story takes place, Paxton and his family were spending some time together walking around the Fairgrounds.

  They had a lovely time, but before he knew it, it was time to head home!  

   While Mommy was helping Avery with a mini crisis in the car for TWO STINKIN’ SECONDS, Paxton found an opportunity to meander over to a giant mud puddle. 

It was a lovely puddle.  And it seemed to be calling his name…..

Hey Paxton….



“Are you calling meeeee, Giant Mud Puddle?”

I mean, WHAT is a boy to do?


Oh wait, that’s right….


 You all, I am all about Puddle Parties, but not in nice clothes away from home! :)


Pictures tell the greatest stories, don’t they?


Pax vs Mud puddle

4 little Fergusons Photography: {Paxton Is 2!}

   This is post 2 for today, be sure to head back a post for some YUMMY lettuce wraps!

  My lil’ man is 2!  I have put off his session for a solid month waiting for the perfect day, wasn’t happening. SO, one cloudy day, with a cool front on its way in, I get the urge to snap a couple pics of him.  It turned into a full session, and despite the weird gray light and how COLD it was by the end, I was super happy with how they turned out.

It helps a lot that he doesn’t know a life without a camera in his face! :)

P collageP collage 2P Collage 5IMG_4845IMG_4856IMG_4891 bwIMG_4883 editIMG_4906 creamy soyIMG_4890 vintageIMG_4911 editIMG_4967P Collage 3P Collage 4P Collage 6P Collage 7IMG_5019 vintP Collage 8IMG_5061 vintIMG_5047bwIMG_5048 editP Collage 9IMG_5143IMG_5024 edit

  Don’t just want to squeeze those sweet CHEEKS!?!?!?!

Love my lil’ man, he is growing up TOO fast!


Paxton’s 2nd Birthday

  This is post 2 for today, be sure to head back a post to Mrs. B’s Creamy Tacos! YUM

  My baby turned 2 in August, but since it was during my blogging break, I didn’t get to share it with you until now! :)  Our tradition is first and second birthdays are celebrated with the extended family.  (over 30 of us usually)  After that, parties are smaller scale, or just a friend over to celebrate with.  I also have tried to make the “theme” match their little personalities.  Paxton’s nickname is “Tank”, so his First birthday was a Tank party.

Tank Party collage

Well, last Christmas, Uncle Mike bought him a Sock Monkey.  He latched on to it that day, and has refused to sleep without his “Unkie,” ever since!


   Naturally, we decided to have a Sock Monkey Birthday party.

  I made this collage and had it printed at Walmart for a buck so I could display it at the party. What a fun but cheap table top decoration!   :)

Happy Birthday Pax


  I used all the dining room chairs to baracade Mr. Birthday Boy out of the ktichen and away from the cake.

00000331 0000033600000337 It was a great effort, but it took him about 2 milliseconds to figure out how to get this far.  Stinker!

  At party time we let him in the kitchen. He promptly practiced blowing out his candles, eye balled the new hat I put on his head…..


And waited oh so patiently at the bay window, watching for our guests to arrive.

“Hi guys! Hurry and come in, I’ve been waiting for you!”



After presents, it was time for cake!  He blew out those candles like a champ, musta been all that practicing he did ahead of time.


He even showed us all that he was “TEA-OOOOOOO!”  (Two)  

{If you aren’t saying that with your lips stretched forward in an O shape, you are saying it wrong…}


He dug into his smash cake puppy dog style!00000326


He was not feeling this method of eating, and promptly announced he needed an “Ork”.


Who am I to turn down better table manners?


Well, kinda better manners. 

  I let him take several more BIG bites before I cut him a piece and gave him a plate.

As you can tell by the photo, he wasn’t very impressed with this plan.


  Happy Birthday, Tankers!  We sure can’t imagine our family without your sweet grin and ornery ways.

Love you to the Moon and back,

Mommy  xoxo


OH Pax! No-no!

  Destiny and Tylan did NOT prepare us for Avery and Paxton. 

Guess the Lord likes to keep us as parents humble, doesn’t He? 

The first 2 were easy, laid back, didn’t get into trouble much, were very tender-hearted and then…….

good sisterNOT a princess008070

We had Avery.095

  Sunshine to thunder clouds and back, all in a matter of minutes. 


No middle ground. 

 Crabitha I will never forget when she was 5 months old and threw her first fit, arching her back and practically sliding down my leg, limp as a spaghetti noodle.  I gasped and stared at Dale across the room, whose mouth had also dropped open.  We knew then, we were in for a WHOLE new ballgame!

    I wouldn’t have it any other way, my sweet, sassy little Peanut!


  Then there is Paxton, who takes Mischievous to a whole new level. 

He is the naughty to her theatrics.

  Did I tell you about the time I went out to photograph Banana Caramel Pinterest Pie and when I came back he had dragged over a kitchen chair and helped himself?


How about the morning where he dumped the entire bowl of Oatmeal on his head?


Or, when he dumped flour all over the place?  Escaped out the back door for the first time, or helped himself to the contents of the fridge?


   In the last 2 weeks it has been as follows: 

Threw his binky in the toilet.  (Yes, the toilet was being used, otherwise the lid is not allowed to be left open. Yuck.)

Threw Avery’s special prayer bunny in the toilet, again it was being used.  Ew.

Hit Avery in the head with Dale’s golf club.

Hit Avery in the head with a golf ball.

Hit Avery in the head with her high-heeled church shoes.

Hit Avery in the head with a utensil. 

Hit Avery in the head with a train.

Poor Avery needs a helmet!  Paxton will smack his own bottom afterwards, “No no”, he says. 

  If you know it’s a no-no, THEN QUIT, DUDE!  Your sisters health depends on it!

  This torment seems mostly directed at Avery, as you can tell!  He just frustrates Destiny when he trashes her room and Ty when he knocks down his lego towers.

  He stands at the island to “help” with supper, those little grabby hands dumping salt and noodles faster than I can stop him.

  I clean up water messes at least 5 times a day as he crawls up on to the table and dumps his siblings cups out, then plays in them.

{Sigh}  A mother’s job is never done it seems.  If it’s quiet and you can’t find Pax, don’t walk, RUN to find him. You will be sorry otherwise!

  Now, our latest issue is……….


  I hide them, he somehow finds them.  I hide them again, higher.  He finds them again, using a kitchen chair to do his job.  Hopefully they are all so high he can’t reach them (I barely can) and this will stop.  OF COURSE, I didn’t think to take a photo of my “decorated” walls, doors, couch and carpet before I scrubbed them, but here is how he looked afterwards:

(When he first came to me, I was very concerned that he was bleeding. This quickly turned to exasperation, as I realized he had found yet another marker!) 

Oh my gracious sakes! Who drew marker all over the walls?


Ok, ok, you are right.  It was me.  {sigh}


  I decorated my sock, too!  See?


What do you mean that is a “No no”?


This is some of my BEST work!


You aren’t going to tell Daddy about this, right?!


You ARE????????


Sorry about the mess, Momma.


Even though I am naughty, you think I’m pretty cute, don’t cha!?”


Come on, you know you do……


I sure love you, Momma!  I will be a good boy now.


Sweet baby Tank, what would my life be without you and your siblings?  I love that each and every one of you are different and special in your own way!

  God is good and life with kids is great, so we’ll just smile and roll with it!  :)


Sock Monkey’s & Snuggles

This is post 2 for today, head back 1 post for Creamy Onion Potatoes.


Wouldn’t it be nice if all your problem’s could be easily fixed:

Say, by Sock Monkey’s and Snuggles?


  Paxton’s world is made complete by his Sock Monkey, Binky  named “Bink” and his blanky.


{SIGH}  Wouldn’t it be nice if we adults could be so easily comforted?

My baby is growing up.  He no longer will rock and sing with me before morning and afternoon naps, or night-time for that matter.  He just points to his bed and grunts.  {WAH!}  This part of independent baby-hood has always been a hard one for me, but with this being my last little one, I find it even more difficult to accept.



Can I have a blanky and a sock monkey to snuggle too?



4 little Fergusons Photography: Paxton ~ 18 months old

  Paxton is 18 months old!  Time for a photo session. (better late than never)


   This is my first session done WITHOUT my very very favorite editing program.  It makes me want to cry that I will not have access to Picnik’s easy to use tools, texts and collages.  Even though it’s not gone for good yet, I MADE myself edit in Lightroom tonight. MADE MYSELF! 

  It is better for me to practice and tweak on my own kiddos than someone who is paying me to take their session. I have GOT to learn this program and soon

  It was difficult and I seriously was seeing spots by the time I was done, from staring at all those tiny sliders and words, ugh.

 {Have I mentioned I am so SAD Picnik is leaving?!?!?!??! Mean ol’ Google, buying it out, how dare you!}

  Without further adieu, (or whining) I give y0u, my first edits in Lightroom of my sweet baby Pax.

I KNOW they need work, some are too blue, some are too red, some are too green, they are all darker than I like them to be…Rrrrr!!!!  I’m working on it, and practice makes perfect, right?!?!?!  Oh yeah, I said no more whining. 

Carry on! :)




And last, but certainly not least, my FAVORITE!


 Such a sweet baby face and I just wanna kiss those smooshy lips!


Eating At The Big Boy Table

 This is post 2 for today, be sure to head to Post 1 for a DELICIOUS grilled sandwich and homemade tomato soup recipe. Yum! 

Now that Paxton is 18 months old, he thinks he is BIG stuff.  {Ahhh! I just realized that I still HAVE TO GO TAKE 18 MONTH PICS OF HIM! Oh my goodness, I totally forgot!} 

  Anyhow, none of that baby stuff is acceptable anymore, like letting Mommy rock him to that state of almost asleep.  Nope, he now points and grunts for his crib, where he quietly falls asleep on his own…SNIFF SNIFF!  :(

  The crib he uses is a mini-crib, due to space issues of shared bedrooms, so since it’s smaller than normal, 18 months old is when Avery went to a twin bed.  She did great, but Paxton? Oh boy! I am not sure I’d ever sleep again, for fear he was letting himself out the back door or something equally awful!


So we will wait a bit before giving him his reserved bottom bunk!

{Phew, still my baby a bit longer!}


   In going along with this 1 1/2 year old “Big Boy” stuff, Dale thought that Pax might like to join the family sitting at the dinner table.  The spot where we keep the highchair makes it impossible to walk around the table, so I was not sad to see it go.  HOWEVER, the whole “My Baby is growing up part” is a bit harder to swallow! I will let Paxton tell you the rest of the story:

I’m SO big sitting here at the table!  IMG_2459

See that Highchair over there?


I don’t even need it anymore! Yeah, big stuff, right?!


So, how does this eating at the table thing work? Do I still use this fork to eat or what?


Oh dear, I seem to have made a mess!


Er. Sorry about that, Momma!


I can still sit here, even though I made a mess?!!!!!


Awww, you are so nice, Momma!


I’m a good eater at this Big Boy table!


Thanks for letting me sit here with you guys, I sure like it a lot! 


Won’t you please put down that camera now so we can eat?



Paxton’s 2nd “First Snow”

   This is post 2 for today, don’t forget to head back and check out Hearty Vegetable Hamburger Soup.

  So, we got our first snow of the season the Tuesday before Christmas.  It was not nearly as much as predicted, but we had a semi-White Christmas none-the-less.  {When I say “semi-white”, I mean there are a few patches left under shade trees. We left church Christmas morning with no coats, it was such a nice day!} 


The kiddos thought it was really cool to go out on the screened in porch and write in it.


  This all reminded me of last year, when Paxton was almost 5 months old. I blogged his first snow experience here, when we plopped him down in the snow for the first time, camera ready to capture his reaction.

   Let me just go ahead and recap it for you.  It went something like this:

What in the world?


This big new World I am in has been strange so far, but this really takes the cake…..

Yeah, pretty sure I don’t like it.

Wait, what is this HORRIBLE stuff clinging to my hands?!?!?!?!


Now, I reallyreally don’t like it!  Get it off!  GET IT OFF!


I want my MOMMY…….


  At this point, he got so mad, he fell over: Things really went down hill after that!

  {Naturally, since he is my 4th, I got like 6 more photos of him bawling before rescuing him from his snowy demise…..}



AWWWW, my sweet little snow angel……


    So anyhow, back to this year:  I’ll have to wait for more snowfall to take Pax out and photograph this years reaction.  Like I said earlier, we only got a trace rather than the BLIZZARD being predicted,(darn) BUT, I did capture his reaction from the window, when I showed him the snow the next morning.

  One of my favorite things about parenting HAS to be seeing things anew through a child’s eyes.  There is just nothing like it!  :)

Hmmm, something seems different today…..


It’s kinda brighter, is that it?


No buddy, that’s called Snow.



Look Momma! SNOW!  I SEE IT, I SEE IT!

(It sounded more like ‘Uh uh uh uh, pffft”, but I knew what he meant….)


Do we like snow, Momma?


Let’s go play outside in it soon, ok Mom?


Sure hope it’s more fun than last year…..



Ah, my Sweet little Tank, how your first year has flown!!!!!

I sure do love you bunches!