The A to Z of Essential Oils: Part 1

WELCOME to the A to Z of Essential oils part ONE!!!!! 

  I am so excited to dig into these beautiful gifts of the earth with you today and in the days to come!  If you commit to commenting and following along with us each day, we are going to be giving away some GREAT bottles of oils to 8 lucky commenters, at the end of our oil week!!!  YAY!!!!!!! 🙂  

Come learn with me!

Hugs, T

doTERRA: Gift of the Earth

I am excited to be spending the next week or so, teaching you ALL about the amazing essential oils that have totally transformed our home in the past 3 years.

I have 4 kids, and we haven’t had a sick visit in all that time! WOW!  The odds are not usually in my favor, right?!  Bleh.

Come learn with me, I think you will be really surprised at what you find…  🙂

Hugs, T

July Friday Feature: Breathe

I want to be a bit more intentional with you all, in posting the educational videos I make for my team!

Short, sweet and to the point……or rambling and comical, but whatever right?!  I mean well! 😉

Come on over to the new RV Oilers blog, where we share our adventures and life on the road, as well as oil education once in a while!!!!!

This months video is on Breathe oil, which is great for all things lungs and breathing.  We call it the marriage saver for snorers, and we love to have athletes use it to improve their performance. Oxygen brings LIFE to the body!

Hugs, T

Today Is The Day!

Today is the DAY for our SHOPPING spree together with Tara from Agnes & Dora!  Come hang out tonight and check out these american made, silky soft, high quality pieces.

Put on your jammie pants, no one will see ya, and hang out with me!  🙂

Agnes & Dora party on Facebook, from 6pm to 7pm MST.
That’s 8pm to 9pm CST and 9pm to 10pm EST.

The party starts tonight, Thursday, the 13th of July.  You’ll need to access our VIP shopping page through instructions on the RV oilers blog. Head on over!

Hugs, T