BOGO Day 1

Happy BOGO DAY 1!!!!  Buy a Petitgrain and get a Lavender for FREE – today only.

Watch this video to learn all about Petitgrain and Lavender and why these are 2 MUST HAVE’s for your home!💜

PTSD, seizures, stress, dandruff, cuts, wounds, burns…THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

You can shop with me on our RV Oilers BOGO page!  This deal is only $25 wholesale! WOW!
Hugs, T


Want to Shop Oils Buy One Get One FREE?

Ready for some bargain shopping the week? 🛒 🛍
From February 18-22, you can build your collection of DōTERRA at 1/2 the price.
When you purchase a starter kit, it will include your wholesale access pass which means you’re able to purchase all the bogos next week at a 25% discount🙌🏼🙌🏼
I will be sending some EXTRA love via mail to all my new customers who purchased kits! ❤️
This is going to be so fun! Xoxo T

Education page here: RV Oilers BOGO

Living the Snow Bird Life

Hi from Sunny Florida! We are Living The Snow Bird Life and loving every moment of it.  This 3 weeks has flown by but also feels like we’ve been here months and months. I don’t know how that it even possible! 😉

There is nothing better than a little vitamin D therapy everyday to keep you healthy and happy emotionally and physically right?!  🙂

Life is good.  Catching up on Florida life on the blog today…….
Hugs, T

Essential Oils for Lovers

  You are INVITED to a FREE oil class!!!!!!

Essential Oils for Lovers💋😍💧

🔥Want to spice up your love life naturally?

Join our facebook themed class page to follow along:

I am sharing 3 posts a day there, all month long:


🛌28 days of recipes, ideas and bedroom bliss

Essential oils are versatile and can be used to scent sheets and pillowcases, in the bath, as massage oils, as perfume and to scent the room. To create the most romantic environment, we entice all of the senses, including the sense of smell because…….

Essential oils are for LOVERS!   

Hugs, T

Ferguson Family Unfiltered 2018

I asked the good, the bad and the ugly about year 3 on the road…….

We all decided there really is no ugly, not with such a shiny new to us home, haha – so we will go ahead and do our tradition around the dinner table of sharing the Good, the Bad and the Blessing of our day, or in this case, our fyear.

Head on over to our new blog to read on…… Ferguson Family Unfiltered 2018

Hugs, T