Happy Born Again Birthday Tylan!

Ty has asked Jesus in his heart!

Today is a special day in the Ferguson Household!  This morning ,Tylan accepted Jesus into his heart. What a blessing and a gift, to be able to be present for such a glorious moment in my child’s life!

I was on the phone with a friend, whose adult daughter had accepted Christ, and was saying “Oh Praise the Lord!” to her.  After I got off the phone, Tylan wondered, why I was so excited, and why was I praising the Lord?  I briefly told him that this woman was now a child of God, and got to go to Heaven to live with Jesus when she died.  We talked a bit more about Heaven and hell, and I could tell he was interested, but I didn’t want it to be my idea, so I let it go.   A few minutes later, with tears in his eyes, lips quivering, he said: “….I want Jesus in my heart so I can go to Heaven.” Oh, how my heart leapt for joy!  He repeated a prayer after me, and with eyes sparkling, exclaimed: “Jesus is in my heart now!!!!!”  

Ty's Born Again Birthday party!

   I explained to him, that Jesus and the Angels were having a Born Again Birthday party for him in Heaven, RIGHT NOW, as God writes his name in the Book of Life. He thought that was super cool! We called daddy to tell him the good news, then proceeded to call the grandparents!  Calling Great Grandma Beckler, especially blessed my heart, she got very tearful after Tylan told her Jesus was in his heart. I could hear her saying, as she handed the phone to Great Grandpa, “Here, you take the phone, it’s Tylan. I have to go cry now.” I love it!  What a great way to start the day!

~T 🙂


P.S.  Tylan came up to me hours later: “I can take that man’s pill and drink his juice at church now!”  What?? It took awhile, but I finally figured out he was referring to communion, when the usher brings around juice and little crackers. We’ve always told him its only for people who have Jesus in their hearts!

6 thoughts on “Happy Born Again Birthday Tylan!

  1. Oh my word…Tonya this just warmed my heart so much as I read it this morning!!! What a blessing for us as well for you to share this most precious moment with us…I am quite sure the angels are definitely having a party…YAY!!!!!!!!!

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