Freezing Floridians

  We had some freezing Floridians arrive at our door this afternoon….the poor, dear, shivering souls.  We decided to keep them for a week or so, they seemed nice enough and they say they are potty trained….even this little furry one.  🙂 

  What a month of surprises!  First my brother Chad and his girlfriend Lauren, come to visit us from Florida, now Dad and Drea are here!  We feel so privileged to have such special guests come see us! We have a busy week planned full of hugs, story time, and snuggles for the kids, shopping at the local boutiques for Drea and I, and Dad and Dale are going to work on completing the laundry room.  I will write as I get the chance and definitely post pics of the laundry room as it progresses. 


Dad and Drea surprised Destiny by picking her up at school…….  They said she did a TRIPLE take before she realized who it was!  So sweet! 🙂


Have a happy Wednesday!


 P.S.  I made a Pecan Pie CAKE this evening for dessert.  HOLY COW, I will share this recipe with you soon, you are gonna love it! 

Here, peek into the dish…..Mmm, frosting!

One thought on “Freezing Floridians

  1. Tonya these pictures are all so cool you are really doing a great job with your camera and captured some really good poses “that were not posed” love them. Enjoy your visit how blessed you must feel!!!

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