Banquet, Boxes of goodies, Born Again Birthday’s & Brunch….

   We are sure enjoying our special guests from Florida!!!!  We are keeping them busy with laundry room painting projects, shopping, and of course, the kids want to read stories, play games, and do arts and crafts with Papa and Drea!  


 These kids sure can be exhausting!!!!!! 

I think Papa agrees!





 We had Nana come babysit  Thursday night, so we could attend Central Christian’s Annual Auction and Anniversary Banquet. (Thanks Nana!)  Dale & I  have attended several years now, and throughly enjoy it.  The meal was a lovely buffet, and the silent auction fully loaded with goodies!  The local businesses were SO generous!  There was table, after table, after table, of amazing items up for grabs…… From gift cards and certificates, to jewelry, lamps, artwork, gardening tools, a dozen cookies a month for a year, dinner for 8 at our Pastor’s beautiful Victorian home, some manly stuff like oil changes and leaf blowers, Zoo passes, Children’s Theatre tickets, and the list goes on and ON!   Here are a few of the things we were blessed to bid on or be given….

  If you are looking for yummy cookies, that look amazing, this is the way to go! 
Thanks to Dad & Drea, for my treats, er, I mean, the treats for the uh, kids…..ya, for them!  Mmmmmm! 

They also blessed our family, by purchasing some fun things from the auction….including tickets good for a train ride in Abilene.

    As you can imagine, Ty in particular, was so excited about that!  He loves to play train and conductor!   


  The financial goal for the evening was $90k, I am always surprised and thankful, when that goal is met year after year.  (no word on this years total yet) One item at the silent auction brought $1600, and no, it wasn’t the trip to Branson……..It was a dozen cinnamon rolls a month!  lol 🙂  Now those must be SOME cinnamon rolls! 

  It was a great evening, spent with family and friends.  What a privilege it is, to send our kids to a school where everything they are taught is first filtered through the Bible!  The teachers are so dedicated to the lives of their students, spiritual and otherwise.  The conviction they feel to provide the very best Christ centered education for our children, is outstanding, and at such a sacrifice financially! Praise God for His provision in allowing us to send Destiny there!!!!   Dad is a CCS alum (I am NOT taking a guess at his grad year), so it was awesome that it worked out for he and Drea to attend while they were here!   

  That night, was a super-duper noisy thunderstorm, with the loudest, longest thunder, Dale and I had ever heard!  In fact, it rattled everything so much, that we woke with a start, hearts pounding.  Nothing seemed wrong, so we went back to sleep, thankful to not hear crying children.  The covers were so warm, and the house so cold, I was thankful to not have to leave my cocoon!! (I am still shocked no children joined us in our bed that night, they slept right through the storm! ) 

   Imagine my surprise when, the next morning, I go to Paxton’s crib, and he is now sleeping horizontally.  I had placed him vertically, since there was a spit up spot the horizontal way, and I wanted to avoid it.  Imagine my shock and horror, when I glanced to the vertical location, where I had left my sweet baby the night before, and saw a heavy picture frame had been rattled from the wall during the storm and had landed face down on the sheets….EXACTLY WHERE PAXTON’S HEAD WAS LYING WHEN I WENT TO BED!  I asked Dale if he had moved Paxton, he said no.  I know I didn’t move him, he didn’t get up once after his bedtime feeding!!!!!!!  His Binky was at the other end where I had left him, but he was in the new location, facing the total opposite way, perfectly covered up as if someone had gently moved him, as to not disturb his rest, or his covers!  I had chills from head to toe! God is so good to take care of my baby’s for me!  I still get goosebumpy telling you this! Again, I praise my Heavenly Father for His watchful care over my miracle baby!!!!!

  Word has it, that the best alarm clocks wear footy jams, and I tend to agree, but why do they always have to go off so early when you stay up till midnight the night before?  Is it punishment?  🙂  Nana had put the kiddos to bed for us, long before we got home from the banquet, so it was to our shock and amazement when our 2-year-old alarm clock, Avery, came padding in at 6 am and announced, first thing:

 “I have Jesus in my heart, I can go to HEAVEN!” And did the cutest little jump in the air you ever did see. 

  I, of course, wondered right away, “Why didn’t mom tell us this last night?”  I called her to find out, and she explained that because of Avery’s age, she automatically had doubts about her motive/understanding of what occurred.  She thought if it was “real”, Avery would remember to tell us in the morning, if she forgot, than obviously it was not something eventful to tell us about.  Well, after this, we decided that it must be very real to her!  God knows her heart, so its nothing we need to be worried about. 

  She proudly proclaimed the rest of the day that: “God write my name on the book and angels had a pawty. I get to go to Heaven! Jesus lives down here in my hawt.” (points to stomach)   We decided to throw her a Born Again Birthday party like Tylan, and write this big event on our calendar…..Avery’s Born Again Birthday!


Praise God 3 of my babies are now children of The King of Kings!!!!  Makes a momma’s heart swell with joy and thanksgiving!!!! 🙂

   Well, off I go to check on brunch.  We are having Eggs Benedict Casserole with Hollandaise sauce, orange juice cake, sausage patties and yogurt parfait.  YUM! I will share recipes later, so be watching for them….

~T  🙂

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