Good-bye for now….

 We are sad to be saying goodbye to Papa & Drea today.  We had a wonderful week with them, finishing it off with a delicious meal at Grandma Eileen’s restaurant yesterday.  After all, its tradition! 🙂

   The next few days will be a bit hard, as the kids adjust to a smaller lap-to-adult ratio, and our days will be filled with questions about where Papa and Drea are, and when will we see them again?  Are they coming over tonight?  Destiny in particular, felt sad that she had to spend most of her days away from them in school.  But, we hope to make a trip to them when school is out, so that makes her smile! 🙂

 So long, Papa & Drea, farewell, adieu, and thanks for coming to cold Kansas and warming our hearts with your love, generosity, painting skills and fun! 🙂 

How blessed we are, to have 2 such people in our lives that are so hard to say goodbye to!

Love you & hope to see you soon,