Project Laundry Room continued….

Here is the messy laundry room, mid-project and mid-laundry day!  I was hoping we’d get the room totally done, before we all ran out of clean underwear and socks, but it was not so.  Oh well, at least it’s a pretty color now, even though its a mess, right?   That’s what I keep telling myself so I can sleep at night.  

The color of this photo is WAY off! This room is more of a deep golden yellow, not mustard. You will see it in the final post of this series!  Another great feature of the finished laundry room, is we used some old closet doors to hide the water heater, score!

  See that blue door in the mirror? It’s our current back door, and my nemesis of 8 long years. You better believe, as soon as we have a paycheck with some extra, (does that ever really happen?) we have a beautiful door picked out, with a nice big window that has a grid in the middle of it, what’s that called?  Whatever it is, I love it!

Here are the AWESOME lockers we got from a good friend of Dale’s, I plan to crackle paint them to age them a bit… 

First step, a rich butterscotch gold base coat the same color as the walls.  (Remember, these photos are turning out a MUCH different yellow than the actual room color, so use your imagination!)

  See that top section where Tylan’s pumpkin school paper is displayed?  That was an angled piece of metal that went towards the wall, my clever dad and husband bent it up, and stabilized it with framing, so that it can be used to display special artwork above each child’s locker. 

Next, I will use a crackling medium, followed by a beautiful umber brown color…..

If all goes well, it should look like this except with the gold crackling through the dark brown….

See that color swatch? THAT is the color of the laundry room, not that horrible school bus yellow it looks like in photos.

Here are the letters I am painting to make into future locker magnets……one per each child’s locker, to help identify whose is whose….

Also, painting some picture frames in the same brown as the locker top coat for laundry room art….

Here is my section of the lockers….being organized makes me happy! 🙂

More pics to come….


Finished project here.