Weekend Fun

   Well, Monday is here again, and we survived the weekend!  What a fun one, but man, did it fly by!  Our activities included: visiting Great Grandpa and Grandma, working around the house, going to my nieces 2nd birthday party (combined with Papa Don’s 17th? 57th? birthday), a surprise playdate for Destiny with her friend, Dori, who moved to Florida this summer, and the grand finale of me staying home from church with sick little ones. 😦  Poor babies!  No fevers or anything, just one with an itchy rash, and 2 with tickley coughs.  Tis the season, I guess!

Here are a few photos of the weekend:

Destiny decided to surprise us and let us sleep in until 7:30, by reading to the kids. What a sweetie pie!

Here she is later that day, at her play date with Dori. Such sweet friends!!!!!!!

 Playing at the park while we waited to pick up Destiny.  Brrr!

The Birthday Girl!


Here are pics of the locker crackling DISASTER!   Needless to say, as I sadly watched entire sheets of brown paint slide down the lockers, I knew I would be re-doing portions of them on Monday.



This is what it SHOULD look like.....

Time to get back to work on the lockers.  Fingers crossed it works this time, because I am out of ideas!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone…..


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