The Big Reveal

 Soo, tradition states that after stuffing our faces for a full day, and carting our kids from one amazing Thanksgiving shin-dig to the next, we stay home and be vegetables the next day to recover.  AND, tradition also states, that before the weekend is through, we will put up our Christmas decor and bust out the Christmas music. This is the part where Dale groans in agony…he HATES Christmas music, especially this early! What is WRONG with that man? 

Hmm, do I hear a blog topic for another day???  

“Things I Think Are Wrong With Dale”?  

 Naw!!! 🙂  We’ll leave poor Daley-poo alone…… a minute.  First, I want to stop for a second, and show you a picture of him, taken as we speak:

Here is the love of my life, wearing a camo baseball hat, which BARELY holds to his head, the broken earpiece & mic to his precious Xbox game.  BAHAHAHA!  I love it! Talk about being a hickabilly!!!!  Getter done man!  Apprently, he stepped on it one day after he failed to pick it up, and now, this is the only way his headset stays on!  HAHAHA again!  This is the part, where’d I’d tell my kids that there are natural consequences for not picking up their things, like mommy asked, but since we are discussing my husband, and I love him to pieces, we are moving on! 🙂

 Where was I?  Oh yes, Christmas music playing softly in the background, a fire roaring in the fireplace, a dim-lit family room so the tree really shines….. It just makes me happy! 🙂 

  But this year, will be a bit different.  This year,  instead of pulling my tree out of a box, assembling and decorating it……….I will be UNWRAPPING IT.  Yes, unwrapping!  No, it’s not a present, wrapped in beautiful holiday paper.

 It’s Saran Wrap. 

   Let me explain. See, last year, I was so excited about how my tree turned out (an interior decorator friend from church came and helped me do my house), that I just knew I would never be able to re-create the same look again.  So, I Saran Wrapped our Christmas tree (after removing the breakable ball ornaments), and had Dale & his dad haul it out to the shed for safe keeping.  Tomorrow is the BIG REVEAL! 

Hello my pretty…..


Here’s to no spiders, mice, or other yucky creepy crawlers emerging with my lovely tree, from under the abyss of layer upon layer upon LAYER of giant restaurant quality Saran Wrap.  (fingers crossed) I will  be posting pictures later, if I am not too busy screaming and stomping spiders. (Please God, no!)

  Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are still on speaking terms with your family!  Oh, and that your jeans button this morning.  Ugh, totally a sweats day at my house! 🙂  Mmmm, turkey and pumpkin pie!

It was WORTH it!


Here are some photos from our Turkey Day….I am thankful to have Dale and my families living in the same town as we do. Our kids don’t know life, or holidays, without them!!!!

  Unfortunately, I got zero photos from my family dinner this evening.  Too busy dealing with sugared up, un-napped, crazy kiddos I guess?!  Sorry.