Happy Monday!

 Good-bye Fall break.  Hello, order and routine, bedtime schedules and homework!
  Boy, the kids sure are missing big sister and daddy today!!!!!! What a blessing it was, to have had them both home from Wednesday on!

   Not much going on today, just laundry, & catching up on housework from a busy holiday weekend.  I’d also like to sit down and work on my December menu, grocery list and Christmas baking list, but I am trying to be realistic here!!!! 🙂  The house is decorated and feeling Christmasy, so that puts me in a cheerful mood, no matter how many piles of laundry await! 

 As I told you Friday, we Saran Wrapped our tree last year, so I didn’t have to un-decorate it.  The un-veiling was a roaring success!  No spiders or creepy crawlers emerged as we unwrapped layer, after layer of Saran wrap.  And,Viola!  There was the lovely decorated tree from last year, just as nice as I remembered!  And without much ado, and about 20 minutes of fluffing, it was as if it had never left our living room.  TOTALLY Saran Wrapping it again for next year!  Here are some photos of the finished product…..

The living room……

 The Mantel…..

And last but not least, my little kitchen tree….

Have a Happy Monday!

~T 🙂