Countdown to Christmas Advent-ure

The Meaning of “Advent”

“The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” Advent celebrates the first coming of Christ and anticipates his second coming. An Advent Calendar is a way to keep children involved in the entire season.” 

  The Count Down to Christ has begun!  Bringing the meaning of the season into your home, can be a real adventure, as we battle outside influences, including media, that try to make this time of year about Santa.  And what about those commercials, designed to set off the “Greedy-gimmies” in your children? No thanks! 

  This is our second year to have an Advent Calendar.  It was given to us by the kids‘ Great Aunt Esther last year, and we loved it! What a special tradition to start, and what a great way to remember what the season is about: Christ’s birth. This calendar will  help us keep our thoughts on Him this month, as we put up the next character of the nativity. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle the holiday tends to bring, and whether we mean to or not, Christ’s birth can take a back seat to holiday shopping and “To Do” lists a mile long!  

  The children will take turns putting up a character, and then pushing the music button, to hear a beautiful little rendition of “Silent Night” each night before bed.  This calendar is great, re-usable and very kid friendly! We love it!  It can be found here.

 Also, this year, Aunt Gena sent the kids a Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar that you download on your computer.  There are animations for each night.  I did a sneak peek at her site this morning. (Shh! Don’t tell the kids!) It was darling!  

  To enter the site, we just click on the snow globe present on our computer screen:


  Here is a picture of the Christmas Village:

  The kids can hardly wait for tonight to come, so we can start these two fun Calendars!  It is our goal to keep our children focused on the true meaning of Christmas, rather than what’s in it for them, and these Advent Calendars are a great start!


 There’s no Christmas without Jesus,
It’s to Him our eyes should see.
Not to jolly old Saint Nicholas
Nor a glitt’ring Christmas tree!

Shops in town are decorated
Decked in colors bright and gay
Tinsel lights and shapes created
Merge into one grand display.
“There’s no Christmas without buying
Gifts and toys to give,” they say.
Oh, that they should be realizing
All these things will fade away!
Santa Claus is just a story
Reindeer never pulled his sleigh.
Why then, does he get the glory
On this sacred, holy day?
But a baby in a manger
Really lived in Israel:
He was born to be our Savior
It’s His story we must tell!
I will think of Christ this Christmas,
How He left His throne above,
Gave up all His heav’nly riches
For to manifest His love!
Take the tinsel and the glitter
And the ‘Santas’ all away
For God’s love is far, far greater
Than this man-made grand display!
~ author unknown ~