Random Things

  I love to make lists. Usually it’s a list of To Do’s, but today, it’s a list of Random Things.  What can I say, it seemed like an easy blog topic for the day.  🙂

1. Being organized makes me happy.

2. I have to eat my Skittles sorted by color, and eaten from least favorite, to favorite.

3. First, yellow, orange, green, and then, red & purple can be switched depending on my mood.

4. This is precisely why I don’t get Skittles at the movies. Too dark to sort, and just too much work.

5. I heard of a mean trick once, that I am totally doing sometime: add 2 or 3 yellow and orange Reese’s Pieces to a bag of Skittles. FUNNY!

6. 3 Reese’s Pieces are hiding in this pic.  Poor Dale will never know what hit him.

7. I love ice cream.

8. There are as many as 8 – 1/2 gallons of ice cream at a time, in my upright garage freezer.

9. I am terrible at folding fitted sheets.

10. I am scared to let my dog out at night because she barks ferociously like someone is out there.

11. I can’t walk from room to room, without gathering up random things left out by the kids.

12. I have also been known to fluff & tidy pillows, every time I walk through the living room.

13. I have to make my bed, or it drives me crazy all day.

14. Sometimes, I end up in the laundry room with things like the phone, a can of baked beans, a shoe and a baby doll, and no earthly idea, why I was headed out there in the first place.

15. My closet is organized by type of clothing: home, church, athletic, tank tops, sweaters, etc.

16. Each section is then organized by color.

17. I own roughly 93 pairs of shoes.

18. Don’t judge me.  Shoes are my weakness, like Kryptonite to Superman.

19. They are also organized by color and style.

20. This helps me sleep at night.

21. My husband is still semi-sloppy, after 8 years of marriage to neat & tidy me.

22. Thank God, he has been cured of his “Dale trails”.  (I could literally follow where he’d gone from the time he stepped foot in the door….he’d leave a trail of keys, change, wallet, cell phone, coat, shoes etc).

23. He has also been cured of the GIANT-Can’t-Walk-For-Fear-of-Falling, Can’t-See-the-Carpet, Mountain of discarded clothing on his side of the bed. Can we say HAMPER, people?

24. I think he keeps the remainder of his sloppy habits, just to drive me nuts.

25. Good thing I love him so much.

26. I love to cook.

27. I am addicted to new recipes.

28. I am currently a bit overwhelmed at my drawer full of recipe print off’s needing homes, as my recipe notebooks are full and overflowing.  In fact, my whole recipe book section is full and overflowing!

29. Organizational action MUST be taken, and soon.

30. I love that Dale still makes my heart jump around.

31. I have been pregnant 8 times in 8 years. I no longer wish to be pregnant.

32. Ever. Again.

33. Holding Paxton in my arms, brings tears to my eyes.

34. I can’t pick him up without breathing a prayer of thanksgiving, that the Lord allowed him to live here on earth, with me.

35. Since adding the 4th child to our family, laundry day starts on Monday and sometimes I don’t get it finished until Saturday, when the kids can help put their’s away.

36. This cannot continue, I used to get it all done in a day, maybe two.  (I’m working on it!)

37. My kids might just be the slowest eaters, EVER.

38. This drives Dale and I crazy.

39. Avery once at breakfast for an hour and a half.

40. It was cereal.

41. Now the food gets taken after X amount of time and they get it the next meal instead.

42. Mean? Maybe.

43. But, it only took Destiny 2 times, and Tylan once to figure out supper is not so good for breakfast.

44. I don’t watch scary movies. They feel too evil, and I don‘t like how my house feels afterwards.

45. I’m more of a “And they lived happily ever after….” kinda girl.

46. My favorite movie? My Best Friends Wedding.

47. Or, Sweet Home Alabama.

48. Or, Miss Congeniality.

49. Fine. Pretty much anything with Julia Roberts, Reece Witherspoon, or Sandra Bullock in them.

50. Except “Eat. Pray. Love.”

51. That should be called: “Snack. Doze. Sleep.”

52. I want my $7 back.

53. I was raised in a Mennonite church.

54. Yes, we had Tv and Cars. You are thinking of Amish.

55. Can you imagine me without a hair dryer? I think not.

56. I currently attend a Nazarene Church I LOVE.

57. More important than that, I am a Christian saved by grace.

58. 3 of my 4 children have accepted Christ into their hearts.

59. This fact brings tears to my eyes!

60. My heart leaps when I think of the day I get to meet my 4 babies in Heaven.

61. I’m married to an extremely laid-back, and patient man.

62. I test his patience often.

63. Dale can’t stand the sound of styrofoam squeaking.

64. Because of this, I once squeaked a To-Go container most of the way home.

65. This stopped when he reached across the front seat, and ripped the lid of my box off, in one quick motion.

66. I about peed my pants.

67. He found it extremely humorous.

68. I haven’t squeaked a To Go container, more than twice per car ride, since.

69. I used to LOVE to play the piano.

70. I took lessons from age 7 – 16.

71. I don’t play anymore.  Just sometimes at Christmas, for the kids to sing along to.

72. I aspire to learn to play the harp one day, after the kids are grown.

73. I was a city girl through and through.

74. I married a country boy, who grew up on a dairy.

75. I never thought I’d learn to love the country.

76. I never want to live in town again.

77. I love that God knows what I need or want, better than I do.

78. Dale and I can’t pray together right now, without one of us falling asleep.

79. I love that God understands the stage of life we are in.

80. I love that someday, we will sleep all night consistently. (Right? Please tell me it happens again.)

81. “Sleeping in” at our house, means its 7:30 am before we hear the first pitter-patter of little feet, coming into our room.

82. Alarm clocks are much more appealing when they wear footy jams.

83. My favorite food is Mexican, no I mean Italian, no-no, Mexican.

84. Ok, I guess it depends on the day.

85. The second, and I mean second, Pax is done nursing, I am celebrating with a huge batch of Buffalo Wings, Chips & Salsa from Chilis, and that killer Wasabi sandwich from the Mustard Seed.

86. It’s been aprox. 9 months since I’ve been able to enjoy these things without adverse effects: like pregnancy induced heartburn that made me cry at night, or more recently, a screaming baby who apparently says “no thank you” to spicy milk?

87. I love to bake.

88. Dale doesn’t like many sweets.

89. The kids are rarely allowed sugar.

90. This is why I have to think of people to give my desserts to.

91. I mean really, I shouldn’t have to eat the whole cake alone!

92. I am a “foodie” through and through.

93. Eating out totally counts as the whole date, especially if we get to eat at a new place.

94. I get cravings for food, whether I am pregnant or not.

95. Avery is my most stubborn child.

96. She is also the only child that looks totally Ferguson.

97. Dale Ferguson is the most stubborn man I know.

98. Hmmmm, what could this mean?

99. I love photos of my kids.

100. Regardless of what designers say, about not decorating your home with family pictures, I gladly do it and love it.

101. It makes it feel homey.

102. But, they have to be organized in a grid form or small cluster, like this:

103. They cannot be crooked or I have to stand there until I make them all just so.

104. Yeah, we’ve established I am anal, so this should not surprise you in the least.

105. Moving on….

106. I love to read.

107. When I was on bed rest I was reading 28 books a month.

108. Now, I can barely read 28 pages a month.

109. I’m ok with that.

110. Its super important to me, that my kids love to read.

111. I hate TV, and I especially HATE video games.

112. I adore Christmas music.

113. Dale makes me wait to play it until the day after Thanksgiving, when the tree goes up.

114. The song Feliz Navida makes me crazy.

115. My favorite Christmas song gives me chills, it’s called: “All Through the Night”.

116. You can listen to it here: (Our Christmas CD’s version is WAY better, but I can’t find it.)

 117. I am terrible at telling people, “No”.  I have extreme guilt afterwards if I say it.

118. I am getting better at it, due to sheer lack of time without kids. How can I be a good help to anyone with 4 kids in tow, 3 who still need naps or they turn into grizzly bears, and 1 of those 3, attached to my body every couple of hours seeking nourishment? Yeah, not happening.

119. This list is getting long.

120. I am done being random, it’s making me a little crazy. I just might have to go edit this, so it reads in order of topic……


 Have a good one!

 ~T  🙂

8 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. Tonya, on a regular basis, while reading your blogs (don’t catch them everyday, but often), I find myself agreeing with SOOOO many of the things that you post….and I love it! Not that I feel I’m the only ‘nut’ out there sooo darn particular about sooo many things, and that my children/family are such a huge part of my being…..but to see you post ‘out loud’ for all of us to read. I totally don’t have time to blog, I think my facebook status msgs are often my random thoughts, but I completely enjoy reading about your adventures……keep ’em coming supermom 🙂

    • (okay, so I have this incredible pleasure in reading your posts and smiling….inside, and sometimes outwardly as well….isn’t it funny how ppl can be different and at the same time SO much alike in so many ways?!? if it makes Dale feel any better….he’s not the only one who had to be ‘re-trained’ and still does things ‘just to annoy me’ LOL. wouldn’t change it for the world tho. isn’t life great?!?)

  2. I love this post too! This is Kate from Sweet Ridge Sisters- I am a country girl who married a city boy and now I um, am in the process of loving the city. Dreaming of the country someday though, maybe. But there sure are great aspects of living in the city. And I play the harp, love it, (recently wrote about it on the blog actually) and wholeheartedly encourage you to follow that dream.

    • I’d say the number one best book EVER is
      Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Hands down best book!!!!!
      I like Amanda McLean, Deborah Raney, Tracey Depree, Teri Blackstock, Karen Kingsbury, Nancy Moser, Denise Hunter, Angela Hunt, Beverly Lewis, Janet Oak, Robin Jones Gunn, Robin Lee Hatcher, Alexander Tamera, Judith Pella, Terry Blackstock, Lawana Blackwell, Beverly Lewis,Lynn Morris,Judith Pella,Tracie Peterson,
      Lori Wick…..that outta keep you going for a while! LOL 🙂 My favorite are set back in the old west or pioneer days. 🙂 I also LOVE any of the Mail Order Bride type books. Thanks for your comment! Happy Reading, Tonya

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