Binky Babies

  All of my 4 little Fergusons have been Binky Babies.  Dale and I ADORE Binky’s for various reasons…

  1. They can buy me as much as 20 minutes of time to snarf down a meal, or finish up a project before the crying begins and I have to stop to feed the baby.
  2. They keep our babies quiet in church.
  3. The minute you put a Binky in our babies mouthes, they go limp and soon fall asleep.
  4. They are just so darn cute with a Bink in their mouth!
  5. When the child is old enough to talk around the Binky, we can cut the tip off, and voila…bye bye Binky!

  Each child has been introduced to “The Binky” at the hospital, before coming home.  They all lovingly and willingly accepted it into their mouths and lives.  Sweet success!

Each child has given up the Binky between the ages of 18 months and 2 years, without much ado.  

Well, except Avery, who is apparently scarred for life. She will still tell you to this day, that her friend Kamilyn “ate ’em” and they never tasted the same again, so she “frew dem away”.  🙂 

Then along came my fourth little Ferguson, Paxton….

Paxton has decided to buck the system.

Apparently, he takes the Binky while I am around, and THEN, when I leave the room…..

He spits it out and sucks his thumb instead.  The little sneak!

  It wasn’t until I was sick in bed last week, and he was sleeping in my room temporarily, for sake of convenience: hello, stomach flu, that I heard a distinct smacksmacksmacking noise.  I pried one of my eyes open to peek at him, and wouldn’t you know, the little turkey had found his thumb. 

  This has continued in the past week, despite our best efforts to prevent this, occurring even during the day now……

Check this out….he TOTALLY has a smug grin when he see’s I’ve caught him in the act…..

  I know I should try harder to stop him, but it’s just SO stinkin’ adorable, and it IS rather nice that when he loses his Binky during the night, he just finds his thumb.   But you can’t cut off the thumb at 18 months.

  <Big sigh> 

Such an internal tug-of-war going on inside me!

He turns 4 months old this week, you know.  He has decided tummy time is not as bad as he first expected, and can stay happy for about 20 minutes before that big ol’ head gets too heavy to hold up.

He rolled over twice last week, so no more leaving him on the changing table to go find him a new outfit! He also has decided, he is far too old and wise, to be lying around in his swing or bouncy seat anymore…no no, that is far too babyish for a man such as himself!  Carrying him around isn’t an option either, my arm threatens to fall off after just 15 minutes or so of carrying my 16+ pound child on one arm, while cooking or doing a load of laundry with the other.  So, Dale is headed over to mom’s this weekend, to bring the ol’ trusty Exersaucer out of storage.  Gotta love ’em!   I especially love that all the toys are connected to the base.  No more disappearing baby toys!  (Right, Avery?!?!?!?!)   Hopefully this will keep him a bit more content, it’s hard to know what to do with him these days!  He needs to learn to sit up, so he can entertain himself with toys, on his blanket.  But then I sigh and think…..My baby is growing up too fast, just enjoy every minute of arm-numbing, baby holding fun.


Paxton intent on reading his book….

That head gets so heavy!

  Rolling over now

What an angel baby!

(And such a sneak too)