Snow White, Snow White, Snow White

Once upon a time……..several vistors came to my home seeking a place to stay. 
Their names you ask?
Well, there was Snow White.
Snow White.
And, let’s see……oh yes, Snow White!
They stopped in to see me on their journey to find their lost Dwarf, Grumpy.
Alas Grumpy, we have found you!!!!! Our long journey has ended.! 

Ok, not really, I made that part up.  (Love ya Chaddy!)

And they lived Happily Ever After….

The End.

  I like how Snow White number 3 decided to shove her dainty little finger up her nose for these.  Such manners!

“Avery! Quit picking your nose, you need to act like a lady!”

Who, MEEEE?”

Oh, and did I mention, that a few days ago Rapunzel came to visit.

She only stayed a short time, and then she left again. 

Off to find the Prince, I suppose.

  And to my poor, dear, sweet little Tylan.  Thank you for giving me such great black mail material for my future enjoyment!  It’s pictures like the Snow White ones above, and these, that will make your graduation slide show and wedding day SO very meaningful. 

~T 🙂