Christmas Celebrations

  We’ve had a fun couple of days of Christmas Celebrations! Usually, when we are all said and done, we have had 6 celebrations between Christmas and New Years. 

The more the merrier, right?! 

Tell that to my tired kids.  🙂 

  No, they loved it!  We can just tell they are done for a bit.  It’ll be nice to spend a few quiet days at home, playing with new things, before we have the next few get-together’s!  

Here are photos from our first few celebrations, I’ll share the rest tomorrow….



Tylan was a Shepherd in our church Christmas service….031032

Tylan and his cousin, Zane


Poor Ty had a Shepherd wardrobe malfunction by the end of the program….


My cousins from Oregon, Brittany and Brianna, meet Paxton.




Brianna found the trick re-lighting birthday candle hysterical. Avery did NOT! 

Check out this face…


A gift of games from Brent & Julie, who were nice enough to play each and every one of them with our kids that evening! 


064Destiny wrote a Christmas story about Christ’s birth and shared it.


Paxton is already drawing the ladies wherever he goes…..


Must be those baby blues!


Aunt Viv and Brianna sing and play Christmas Carols for us all…


Destiny wants to sing and play JUST like that when she grows up!





 Singing carols around the piano….


Dancing to the beautiful music…..082083

“I want to spin you Avery…”


An earache the Wednesday before Christmas is no fun at all!

Praise God she kicked it by the big day!



All clean and getting warm by the fire!038045040

Happy Monday Everyone!  As you head out to grab some after-Christmas bargains remember, the best way to double your money is just fold it up and put it back in your pocket! 

  Or if you are me and great deals are next to impossible to walk away from, just don’t go shopping in the first place. 

Ta-da!  What a light bulb moment!  Dale would be so proud to know I just wrote that. 

  So today, I choose to stay home, so we can continue to work towards being debt free.  And let’s be real……I’d SO be out there shopping for Birthday’s and Christmases to come if I could.  With bells on.  Happily swipeing my debit card knowing I was saving myself tons of money in the future. 

<SIGH>  Sometimes its hard to make a right choice. 



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