Paxton’s First Food

  Pax got his first taste of “real” food today, after gazing longingly for weeks, as bite after bite went right past his mouth, and into mine. 

Feed me? Pu-leeease?!


  One day, he watched with his little mouth open expectantly, as a bite went into my mouth instead of his, and he scrunched his little face up and CRIED!  Poor guy. 

  So, in addition to the bazillion times I nurse him a day, (not really we are on a good 7-10-1-4 routine, but man, 3 hours comes quick!) I have added some brown rice cereal to the routine.  I usually try to exclusively breast feed until 5 or 6 months old, but what can I say, the more kids I have, the less stuff like that is such a big deal.

  There is some new latest and greatest info about feeding rice cereal to your kids as their first food, especially if you pick white rice cereal, which has zero nutritional value.  But, for now, brown rice cereal is what I have on hand, and what I have fed to the other 3 for their first food.  At least it has some nutritional value to it since it’s from brown rice as opposed to white!  We’ll try some other things the article suggests, after I go to the store again in January.

  A lot has changed in the baby food world since I had my first almost 7 1/2 years ago!  Here are 2 articles I found very interesting:

  Anyhow, back to Pax.  I made him his first bowl of cereal, a bit thick like the malt-o-meal hot cereal mom made us as kids, and got out the camera to capture his funny reaction!

ANDDDDDD….he did nothing.

Not one thing. 

No funny face, no gagging, no spitting it back out as fast as it went in.

The other kids all did that stuff……

Destiny was shocked that I would even attempt to put something so weird in her mouth.


Tylan was NOT impressed! 


Avery couldn’t have cared less if that stuff ever entered her mouth again! Even going so far as to try to hide from me so I wouldn’t feed her.

Ok, not really, but I thought it was a funny photo.


Then there was Paxton. 

After his initial shock, that I actually put the spoon in his mouth, rather than mine….


He just gummed it, swallowed and waited for more.  Opening his mouth every time the spoon approached.


Then, after the bowl was nearly empty, he smiled at me as if to say:

Thanks mom, I needed that!”


Little stinker! 

Well, we don’t call him “Tank” for nothin’!  🙂