The Big 3-0

30.  Wow, it sounds so old grown up, so adult-like!  To be no longer “in your 20’s” is a bit hard to swallow!  But I still have 6 months to go until I have to worry about it.  My best friend, Kasey however, has reached the BIG 3-0 as of New Year’s at 12!

  She decided to quietly turn 30, no party, no extras, just a fun shopping day or dinner would’ve been fine with her.  We talked about it a few times, but with the busyness of the holidays, we didn’t make any for sure plans.

   Little did she know, that Pam (her mom) and I were emailing back and forth like crazy, preparing to throw her a surprise party the 30th of December. As the big day approached and she and I talked on the phone regularly, it was AGONY trying to filter the things getting ready to come out of my mouth, lest I be the one to RUIN the surprise!  

  And talk about panic, did you know, it took me until almost noon, the day of the party, to convince her to let me take her out for her birthday on a Thursday night. (usually her hubby’s late night @ work)  The next battle was convincing her (without arising suspicion) to get all dressed up, instead of our usual home-clothes & minimal makeup Girls Nights, heading into town after the guy’s get home from work, to catch a late movie. 

  Kasey’s hubby, Monty, might have had it worst of all. Poor guy called me and said that he “threw himself under the bus” and went into work early that day, much to his wife’s dismay, so he could get off early to stay with their kids during the party. Of course, she didn’t know at the time it would all be to her benefit!!!!  He was in the DOG HOUSE!!!!!! He even went so far as to complain when he got home, that she was going out and leaving him with the kids.  What a champ!

   It all worked out, hallelujah, and she was super surprised and happy with her beautiful black and white Birthday party.  Afterwards, we invited both our momma’s to go see a movie with us.  They fell asleep if that tells you how the movie was!  It was fun to have them along regardless. 

  After that?  Well it was midnight, where do you think we went?


Out for coffee?

Out to dance the night away?

Yeah right! One of us has been pregnant or nursing the past 7 years of our friendship, so we don’t even talk about those kind of Girls Nights Out! 🙂

  Nope, Kasey and I headed to Wal-Mart to do her grocery shopping for the weekend.  Where else would we go? I mean really, Girls Night Out with us only goes so far before “Mommy” kicks back in. 

  Midnight grocery trips to Wal-Mart with a friend are fun AND FUNction, right!?  It was entertaining to say the least!  There are quite the interesting people out shopping that time of the night/morning.

  Here are some photos of the big night…… 

All dressed up and ready to head out…..Kasey has NO idea what’s in store! 🙂 



Why are they taking us back here?                                  SURPRISE!

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View the slide show below for more party pics………


Happy Birthday Kasey Lyn!  So, tell me, how is 30?  I wouldn’t know.  After all, you are WAAAAY older and wiser, I mean, older than I am!!!!223


Love ya!