A Big Day in Paxton-land

    Today was a big day in the “Land of Paxton” and all things adorable….

First off, I finally had Dale bring the high chair in from storage after battling Paxton’s constant bouncing in the bouncy seat during cereal feedings.  I know, I know, what do I expect……it’s a bouncy seat!  I just got tired of feeding him a bite mid-bounce, only to miss his open mouth and get it up his nose instead. Poor kid!


Needless to say, he LOVED sitting in the high chair and thought he was big stuff! 


  He also decided to help himself to his sippy-cup of water and at one point even succeeded in getting it into his mouth to drink. 

What is it about last babies that makes them so bound and determined not to be the baby?


   We were missing big sis, who was back in school today and decided to go visit my Grandparents, who live close-by.  The kids had a great time eating snacks (Great Grandma’s don’t have to say “No”, you know), playing with their fun basket of toys and of course, the talking parrot!



  Avery also decided to make an “Avery-sandwich” and was more than happy to help squash her big brother between two “pieces of bread” as well.


  While we were there, I propped Paxton up to play. He loved seeing the world from a different perspective! 


Anyhow, I decided to try him out on the floor with no prop, just to see if he could sit alone yet, and wouldn’t you know…..he did it!  My big boy just sat there! 


But then he went too far back and toppled.  After that, he was a little less willing to sit there, and had to cry about it a bit when I sat him back up.  It must have been quite traumatic, to get such a reaction!


We sure do love having Grandparents, Nana’s and Great Grandparents near-by. 

Our kids don’t know life without them!