Upward, Tiny Tots & The Great Pantry Purge

It’s that time of year again….Upward Basketball and Cheerleading at our church.  It’s a great program that involves memory verses, learning sportsmanship, teamwork and honoring God by their actions.

Using ever-changing ways to share a never-changing message
Promoting and protecting the mission of Upward Unlimited

Working together as a unified team to be a first-class, organized, and detailed evangelistic ministry
Always viewing conflicts as ministry opportunities
Reaching beyond denominational and cultural boundaries to encourage Kingdom Growth
Developing participants to share the love of Christ in and beyond Upward

  Since all individual teams are part of “Team Upward”, the cheerleaders can say “Go Upward Go” and be cheering for both teams simultaneously! Sweet! 🙂

  Last year, Destiny chose to cheer…..this surprised none of us. 


Avery desperately wanted to join her, but she was too young, so she just cheered from the sidelines and yelled, “HI SISSY!” whenever she could. 099

This year, when Destiny announced that she was playing basketball, we tried not to let our shock show.  She actually did fantastic and we are trying not to ever limit our kids to what we think they should or should not try, based on their personalities so far. 


  She did a great job out there, but we’ll have to work a bit on aggressiveness.  Saying “Excuse me please” and stepping out-of-the-way to let the other team have the ball isn’t necessary on the court.  Of course, neither is the step-step-graceful leap, step-step-graceful leap she did down the court every time she ran….but we’ll let it go for now!! It was sooo funny!



The kids had fun watching big sis play and cheering for her…..well, for the first 20 minutes at least.  Then they spent the rest of the time asking for snacks from the concession stand.  Note to self for next week: bring some money!


Here I was trying to get a shot of Paxton watching the game.  It’s harder than you’d think with this kind of camera!!!! 


Lovely Pax, just lovely. 

I finally gave up and just got a picture of him playing on daddy’s lap instead! 🙂



We were at church from 9-12 because Tylan’s team, “The Wions” (as he says), didn’t start playing until 11, which made for some fussy little ones by the end of it all.  They will adjust, as kids always do, but for the next 7 weeks….this is how we plan to spend our Saturdays.




Destiny and Avery had fun playing on the sidelines with their cousins, Brooklyn & Makayla.



Other than that we had a nice quiet weekend at home including Family Movie Night, which the kids LOVE since we let them eat supper on their little table in the living room.

  I also worked on January’s menu;  better late than never, right?!  I usually try to have it done by the 3rd or so, but not this month!  Oh well. 

   Instead of our once a month “Go Big and Go Home” shopping trip, we are forgoing that and just purging the ol’ pantry and deep freeze! 🙂  I will go get a few staples like eggs, milk, and bananas.  Oh, and a can of sauerkraut. (Not a staple, but on the list none-the-less.)

   Here is January’s menu, based on my freezer and pantry finds….

  • Creamy Hamburger Casserole with Steamed Veggies and Applesauce
  • Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed potatoes w/cream gravy, veggie & whole wheat rolls
  • Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole
  • Bierocks, Chips with French Onion Dip & Carrot sticks
  • Roast with Carrots & Onions
  • Beef stew in Bread Bowls
  • Egg Quesadillas & Pancakes
  • Wild Rice Soup with French bread & Garlic butter
  • Brats in a Blanket
  • Artisan Cream of Veggie soup with Ham Stromboli
  • Spaghetti with Salad and Breadsticks
  • Ham & Beans with Nana’s Famous Cornbread
  • Mexican Cheesecake, Fruit & Popcorn for Sunday Night Snack Supper

  Not ideal, not my favorite menu ever, but I have to say, something rose up in me and I am really having fun with this!  It’s like an adventure!!!

   So, the nearly 300 new recipes I am DYING to pick from, will just have to wait until February’s normal shopping trip extravaganza! 

  For now, the freezer is getting emptier and my pantry feeling roomier.  I like it!

Frugal is my middle name.

(Not really, it’s Renee.)

Happy Monday!