Snow Day


  I ADORE snow!  Especially when we get to stay home alll day!  I figure if its going to be cold, it might as well be pretty too!

  We had such a great day, despite the fact that my poor little buddy, Tylan had the flu.  😦  Doggone it!  He spent the day dozing on a little bed in front of the fireplace and begging to drink and eat, to which I complied as often as I could….with bucket ready every time.  Poor kid!  Praying no one else gets it!


  Anyhow, Destiny had no school due to the snowy weather, so we played games, read library books and drank a mugs full of hot tea, all cozy in front of the fire.  (My kids adore hot tea, go figure!)  Even better….Dale got home early and joined us! 

  The girls went out in the snow together while daddy worked out in the shed.  They had a ball and lasted MUCH longer than I anticipated, actually staying out longer than it took me to get them bundled for once.  The boys took great naps during this time, so I got a bunch done, yay!

  Anyhow, here are the pictures from today……



The Girls were excited to play in the snow together….


As is tradition with all our babies, we took Paxton out for a total of like 60 seconds to get his picture taken with his First Snow…..



Needless to say, his reaction was quite similar, if not identical, to his siblings reactions of years past.


Yup, here it comes……


He got so mad he fell over.  Things really went down hill after that!  Since he is my 4th, I got like 6 more photos of him bawling before rescuing him from his snowy demise…..


My little snow angel…..


  This is the part where I headed in to feed, comfort and console him by the warm fire. 

  He forgave me.  🙂


P.S.  I am adding a second post here in a bit for you…’s a delicious new recipe we tried called Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole.  Man, was it ever good!  I love comfort food on a snowy cold day!

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