Tea Time & Rubber Band Race Cars

  When Avery woke up from nap today, she had a special request:
“Momma, can I make a tea party for Ty and Destiny?”
  Aww, sure sweetie!
  Here she is having tea with her doll while she patiently waits for her brother to wake up from nap, and Destiny to be brought home from school.  In all the hub-bub of after school activity, I failed to get a photo of them actually partaking in their tea party, but the big kids were thrilled to have mini crackers (pretend chicken nuggets, apparently) and a teapot of “real” water. 
Avery was so proud and proclaimed it was “Awee’s westwaunt”.


Then, some special visitors stopped by, a couple of special visitors actually!  First, our children’s adopted Grandparents, “Grandpa” Glen and “Gramma” Esther came by bearing gifts.  (I am sad I didn’t get a photo of them!!!!)
  Glen and Esther are actually my children’s Great great Uncle & Aunt, but when my Grandparents were still living in Arizona, they adopted our kids!  Even though my Grandparents moved back to Kansas a few years ago, the name stuck, and “Grandpa” Glen and “Gramma” Esther totally live up to that name, by spoiling our children, as Grandparents are entitled to do!  🙂
  Look what Grandpa Glen made….
 Rubber Band Racers, too cool!


  Not long after Glen and Esther arrived, Nana stopped in and said hello.  We shared our leftover tea party snack with her.  Paxton decided to take matters into his own hands and have a snack as well. 
  We decided to watch and see if he could manage to get it into his mouth.  And after rubbing the powdery cheese all over his nose, he did indeed succeed in a taste, which we quickly remedied by taking it away from him!
Not yet Pax, not yet!


  It was a special way to spend the afternoon, and my children were thrilled with their new cars.  They had races all evening!


On your marks, get set…..GO!