All Aboooooooard!

Today, a train arrived in my living room.  Apparently, it was headed to the library….

AND Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

Books & Chocolate?

Count me in!

Meet the Conductor…….


“Tickets please!” The conductor punches each passengers ticket.


He checks to be sure all his passengers are seated and ready to go!


Let’s check out who’s on board today…..

Santa Bear & his baby, Santa bear Jr.

And wow! Is that Buzz Lightyear!? 


 Destiny is on board because she needs new books from the library.  She has read all 23 of the ones we checked out already! 


I don’t know who the big goofy guy towards the back is supposed to be, but his little girl is cute.  She sure is proud of that ticket!


And is that the little red caboose I see? 


Uh oh! Better run, I hear the train conductor calling…..

“All Aboooooard!”

~T  🙂