Mommy’s Big Helper

  Friday’s are always a bit lonely without Tylan here.  He attends Obee School’s “3 School” program once a week.  I suppose its good practice for next year when he’ll be gone 5 days a week.   And he ADORES it, so I can’t say much.  I just have to cry a little inside, when I think that this is my LAST year with him at home with me in the morning.  Ok, ok, I have to move on, I am tearing up!!!!

  Anyhow, having the “big kids” gone gives me great one on one time with Avery.

  She loves to be my big helper and this morning, offered to feed her baby brother.  She did pretty darn good considering she’d never done it before!  🙂  Paxton had no complaints.


  I try to do something special with her while Paxton takes his morning nap.  But before we knew it, it was time to get Paxton up, so we could go pick up big brother from school.

  Man, I love it when baby’s get to the stage where they coo and play quietly in their crib, as they wait for you to come get them out.  So precious! 

  Paxton is particularly fascinated with the paisley on his bumper, attempting over and over to grab the red one.  Check out these pics, I bet you can tell when he first spotted Avery and I watching him!  I love how excited he gets! 🙂


   That’s a peek inside my world today, now here is a glimpse of the beautiful outside the Lord has blessed us with…..030


  I gotta tell you, before I had kids I was just dying to leave town and move somewhere warm, but there is something so cozy about being holed up at home with my little family.  It just blesses my heart!  I LOVE to experience all the seasons, and I love to see the beauty of the Lords handywork in each and every one of them.

Have a fantastic weekend!  And stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Big Helper

  1. It’s awesome that you let Avery be your “big helper”… I remember how much I loved “helping” when I was a kid. And she’s actually doing a great job of feeding Paxton!

    Also, your snow pics are beautiful!

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