Eenie, Meenie, Miney, & Mo

  So Wednesday night Dale calls and asks me if I am ready for some Chickens……

I ask: “Chicken, as in for supper tonight, or ChickenS, as in the egg-laying kind?” 

   The egg laying kind. 

  Well, I thought we were going to wait until this Spring and get some Bantam chickies, but I guess we are doing both, because he got an offer too good to pass up for 4 chickens.

  I decided not to tell the children anything more than “Daddy is bringing you home a surprise.”  Destiny thought for sure it was a dog, so as to not promote tears later, I told her that “No, it is absolutely NOT a dog.  Or any kind of pet for that matter.”  I told her to think of it more as a future chore that daddy was bringing her.  (She later informed me that I was wrong, these chickens ARE pets!)

  Daddy backed the Tahoe up and brought out a HUGE box.  They all gathered around and TA-DA……




Avery wasn’t too sure about petting her. 


But, once she did, she was very proud of herself! 

028 (2)

  One of them tried to escape, but Dale quickly took care of that…..SUPER FARM BOY, to the RESCUE! 

And in no time, we were introducing them to their new home…… 


  We named them Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo. 

Hope they don’t mind if we just say, “Hey You!”, cause they all look alike to me!

035037040  038

All of a sudden, Avery bursts into tears………

041 (2)043

“It’s too STINKY!  I want out!”

  Ok, ok, out you go;  no worries! Go keep Paxton company.




  We are feeding our new feathered friends organic chicken feed.  Once we can trust them not to try to escape, we’ll allow them to roam around at their leisure until evening each day, so they can be “free range”.  My hope is to not only have enough eggs for us, but eventually have some extras to sell to others as well.  Then I’ll have “Egg Money” to spend on my family, just like in the olden days! 🙂

  The kids were very worried about leaving the chickens outside in their coop tonight.  Dale had to explain they were safe and warm, and that was their home now.  They are SUPER excited to go visit the chickens in the morning, when they go with Daddy to gather the eggs.  046Notice he didn’t ask ME to do it?  (YET)  Dale has been married to me long enough to know how these things work.  Baby steps Tonya, just take it in baby steps. 


Here’s to some yummy omelets and baked goods in the days to come!!!!

~T  egg