Ugly Food Photos

My name is Tonya Ferguson.

And I take ugly food photos.


I can’t blame anyone but myself.

The food is beautiful and tasty looking in real life.


Dale got me an amazing camera for my 29th birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/Mother’s Day present.


SIGH.  It must be me.

And the timing.

  I mean, who can take an appetizing picture of supper when you have AT LEAST 3 of the 4 little Ferguson’s caterwauling for their meal. 


      Plus, I live in Kansas.  Its dark by the time I want to take a pic, and everyone knows the best place to photograph food is near a window.  Doesn’t do much good if the window is pitch black! Sooo, I have to use my kitchen lights, and everything turns orange, even when I change the settings on my camera.


 Sorry about the ugly food photos. 

Trust me and try the recipes I post anyways? I’ve got some yummy ones coming up!

Beef stroganoffTexas sheet cake

Thanks. I knew you’d understand….