Ugly Food Photos

My name is Tonya Ferguson.

And I take ugly food photos.


I can’t blame anyone but myself.

The food is beautiful and tasty looking in real life.


Dale got me an amazing camera for my 29th birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/Mother’s Day present.


SIGH.  It must be me.

And the timing.

  I mean, who can take an appetizing picture of supper when you have AT LEAST 3 of the 4 little Ferguson’s caterwauling for their meal. 


      Plus, I live in Kansas.  Its dark by the time I want to take a pic, and everyone knows the best place to photograph food is near a window.  Doesn’t do much good if the window is pitch black! Sooo, I have to use my kitchen lights, and everything turns orange, even when I change the settings on my camera.


 Sorry about the ugly food photos. 

Trust me and try the recipes I post anyways? I’ve got some yummy ones coming up!

Beef stroganoffTexas sheet cake

Thanks. I knew you’d understand….



10 thoughts on “Ugly Food Photos

  1. Well, what I wouldn’t give to be 29 again…hahaha. It was sweet for him to get you a camera. I honestly don’t think the photos are bad. And you are right. it’s hard to get good shots at night and I am not breaking out lighting umbrellas, etc just to take a picture of food. I don’t even own lighting umbrellas…lol.
    Your recipes are great! And don’t you worry about those pictures! 🙂

  2. Hi Tonya,
    I too, take bad food photos! Here is my ONLY tip! I stand at arms length away (I’m 5’9″, long arms) and use the flash, that way instead of making the picture looking super bright, it’s a wee bit more natural. Then, I always edit them, using iPhoto’s ‘boost’ function.
    I think they look great anyways. Still haven’t worked up the courage to make the creamed peas though.

  3. LOL- Love it! Yes, it does look like we’re dealing with the same issues! 🙂 I drive my three kids nuts making them wait for their food while I photograph everything.

  4. Tonya go to Hobby Lobby back in the lighting section and get yourself an OTT light all photographers and artists use them they are more true light and are wonderful for when you are having to take pictures late at night.

    It gives your subject natural light and brings out all the right colors and textures.

    I don’t take any close up photo’s of my Paper Craft Projects without it and neither do any of the Million other crafting, photography, paper crafts people.

    You can borrow mine for a week or so to try it out if you wan to!!! You will be so so so much happier with your pictures!!! You can buy it at 50% off at JoAnn’s or Michales on line every month or every other month or buy one at Hobby Lobby when they are using the 40% off coupon. They are Amazing!!!

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