Paxton’s Latest

  Paxton is such a happy baby. He is really good at entertaining himself, which is good since sometimes I have to quickly lay him down on the floor in a totally random spot, while I go deal with his squealing siblings.  Out of boredom of being left in this manner with no toys, he has discovered that his feet are super fun.  He sticks his legs straight up in the air and grabs them and just hangs out there. 

He makes cutest little ‘U’ you ever did see….

Front View


Back View


A-stinkin-dorable! (If I do say so myself….) 

  He thinks he is big stuff now that he can sit in the tub instead of lay like a baby.  He splashes as hard as he can to try to get his bath toys to move closer to him, it’s quite effective!


  We also got out the Johnny Jump Up since Pax practically springs himself off our laps when we hold him.  He loves it!


    As of last week, he gets up on his hands & knees to rock, and as of last night, scooches across the floor backwards.  What?!

Why oh why is my last baby so determined NOT to be a baby? 

   He starts over on his blanket, playing with toys and checking out that stud muffin in his floor mirror…..


  Then, slowly but surely, he creeps backwards….


  Until he is miles away from where I left him…..

(Ok, not miles, but a LONG way in baby land!)020

  Further and further from his toys…


Until he has nothing left to play with!


Scooching backwards sure is exhausting!

<SIGH>  It’s hard to believe my baby is nearly 6 months old!

And eats cereal 3 times a day.

And weighs nearly 18 pounds.

And wears the same size diapers as his 2-year-old big sis, who weighs 24 pounds.

That’s my sweet lil’ Tank for ya! 🙂