Meet Ms. Pennyfeather

  I had a lovely guest arrive this morning!!!!  Her name is Ms. Pennyfeather, not to be confused with her um, Grandmother? Sister?

Mrs. Pennyfeather. 


(aka cousin Brent rockin’ the hat at Christmas)

  Visiting with Ms. Pennyfeather was a delight!  She brought her babies and invited me to the park with her.  We had a lovely time!


  There was one unfortunate incident where the slide broke, but we remedied that in no time!


The babies had so much fun sliding down the slide! Ms. Pennyfeather declined trying the slide again herself, it was just for babies, she said.


    Ms. Pennyfeather is such a great mommy to her 2 babies, Paxton & Baby Lulu!


  Next, we headed to the store where Ms. Pennyfeather bought herself a new hat, some jewelry and some makeup.


  You look lovely, Ms. Pennyfeather!

  There was one embarrassing moment when Ms. Pennyfeather got herself stuck in a doll stroller.  Did she ever raise a RUCKUS! Apparently, I can’t take her anywhere!  (She must get that from hanging around her grandmother, Mrs. Pennyfeather, too often.)


  No matter, I was able to get her out, and we went on to have a wonderful day anyways!