Paxton’s 6 month old Photo Session

  Pax turned 6 months old February 17th.  The theme of the month is “SAVE SAVE SAVE”, so I decided to do his 6 month photo session myself.  I also did Tylan’s 4 year old photos, which I will share tomorrow.

  I know I say this a lot, but HOW CAN MY BABY ALREADY BE 6 MONTHS OLD?

  These are by no means professional, but they will serve their purpose in capturing this precious time in my baby’s life!


  Such a precious gift from God, this little one….


8 thoughts on “Paxton’s 6 month old Photo Session

  1. I think you didn’t wonderfully. You don’t need a ‘professional’ to do it for you, at all. You have some very quality shots/expressions to pick from there

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