Weekend Fun

  Monday’s are always a bit hectic at the Ferguson household, more than usual when we’ve had a big weekend, which we did.  Now, when I say “big”, that means we had more than one thing to attend over the weekend.

   I know, I know, that may not seem like much to you, but when you have little ones to haul around, it can really take it out of them (and momma) to pack up and leave the house like that, sometimes missing naps (gasp!) or getting home and to bed late, in the process.  We try to limit our activities and use weekends to just play and relax at home as a family.


A busy weekend means mommy pays for it alll day Monday, with whiney, needy children, and an over-stimulated baby…….


  I actually can’t complain, they are playing nicely right now, but I am super tired! Maybe its just me who’s whiney and fussy?!  🙂


  My Friday was spent making pies, 5 pies to be exact.  They were to be donated to Central Christian School for the German Supper fundraiser.  Avery was a great helper!  Good thing I only signed up for 4 pies, cause Dale kept one of the Custard Pies at home for himself. That thing was NOT leaving the premises! 


  Overall, I’d say they turned out pretty darn good for only my 2nd attempt as a pie baker. (not counting pies with graham crackers crusts) I have a super easy, flaky & delicious, push crust recipe, that I used.  For those of you as intimidated as I am at the thought of making a pie crust from scratch, and rolling it out all nice, this crust is the answer to your problems! (Maybe I could try to put it on TK soon?)

  I only had one disaster, and it occurred when I poured the egg mixture for the Custard pie in the par-baked crust. My counters slope, and I was an idiot and set the just-from the-oven crust on the burner, rather than getting out a trivet and working at the center island.  It overflowed all over my stove top, and I mean ALL OVER, running down all the different burners and making all the knobs sticky. You know how flimsy those dumb disposable pie plates are, I spilled more trying to pick it up and move it off the stove.  All this with an exhausted baby bawling in the background to be fed and put to nap.  Not my finest hour to say the least!  I survived, and after we got the kiddos down, Dale and I had a nice popcorn, ice cream, stay-at-home movie date.

  Saturday began at 5:50 am.

Yes, you heard me, 5:50 to the minute. I know this because I groaned and said, “What TIME is it?”, while rolling over to consult my alarm clock. The grizzly bear I share a bed with just grunted.

  Can someone PUL-EASE teach our children what “Sleeping In” means? 

  Breakfast is not served before 7, so they know to play quietly until then.  When it is time to get up, this is the scene that greets us….PRECIOUS!


    We cranked up some oldies and jammed while we made breakfast.  “Lollipop” is always a favorite with the kids!


   A Saturday morning tradition at our house, is daddy making breakfast for the family. He makes a mean omelet and is the best pancake flipper around!


We were out of syrup, so we had to get inventive and just do powdered sugar and fruit.  The kids thought it was great that way!



  Avery promptly licked off all the sugar before declaring she was done. Yeah, we pretty much informed her otherwise. 🙂

Later, after the 2 middle’s went down for nap, Destiny, Nana and I headed to the school to drop off my pies, and help serve from 2:30-8. 


  Paxton came along, as is necessary, when baby still seeks nourishment from momma throughout the day.  I wore him in a front pouch and about fell over after a few hours of wearing him.


That’s over 18 lbs. of adorableness pulling my shoulders forward! Thankfully, after a nice snooze in there, some sweet ladies from church took their turn toting him around the gym, showing him off and giving my poor back a break. 

Here are a few photos I snapped before we got insanely busy:

 026This is the main course served, called Verenka. Totally a German/Mennonite thing! Think delicious fried dough pouches, surrounding “curds” (looks like ricotta cheese) and smothered in an amaaaazing ham gravy.  I don’t know how many thousands they made, but the line was long and they could barely keep up.  What a great problem to have!


These are New Year’s Cookies, something Central is famous for. The school has a booth that sells these at our State Fair each year.  Think donut with raisins, except BETTER! They made nearly 4,000 of them, and sold every single one.  I was bummed I didn’t get one!  Guess I’ll have to wait until September, when the State Fair comes to town!!

     A darling Polka Band entertained us with live music throughout the day, it was SO fun!  One of the gentleman told me they’d played together since 1970.


  We love Christian education and want to support our school however we can! I can’t wait until the year it’s possible for the whole family to help at this event.  I think they’ll love it, and what a valuable lesson in serving others, and in understanding that attending a Christian school is a privilege, one that comes with a high price tag!

So. Worth. It.


     During nap today, I’m working on some yummy recipes to share with you this week, so stay tuned!  🙂 

Happy Monday!

~T  Fergusons2  For my new readers,

   I wanted to give you heads up on how things work here at 4littlefergusons. I post every M-F at 8 am, because I am anal, and being scheduled and organized makes me happy.  🙂   (This may all change this summer when all 4 of my little Fergusons are home all day and we spend more time playing outside, but for now, that’s the plan.)  I typically write about what we are up to for the day, a recipe we tried and deemed a “keeper” the night before, or something I feel the Lord has laid on my heart to share with you.

   I hope you’ll keep coming back to visit, I love your comments and look forward to them! You bless me🙂 


14 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I do not know how you manage to stay so gorgeous when you are toting 4 little ones around everywhere. Seriously, you are a looker!! 🙂
    What a great thing to participate in. I know everyone probably went nuts over your pies. I can’t wait for the crust recipe.
    And your husband is so adorable. He really looks like a loving and doting father!

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have laughed and cried reading through your blog this weekend! I share so many of your ups and downs including miscarriages and the gag button in my belly button. I printed out nearly all of your posted recipes and have already employed ‘hold your tongue’ this morning.

    I am very happy to have found you through TK! I also feel free to share this with you as you like to tease your hubs too. The next time he yawns when sitting near you either stick your finger in his mouth or poke him in the ribs. This ‘ruins’ the yawn and he will need to yawn again, so you poke him again, etc. My husband once pulled off the road and got out of the car just to yawn. Hope you get a good laugh out of it!


    • Hi Michelle, I am honored you came to my site, and spent time reading back posts! It’s always such fun to hear from other mom’s. I am sorry to hear of your miscarriages. It’s amazing how quickly we momma’s fall in love with our unborn children. (And so hard for others to understand the pain of that loss.) That is HYSTERICAL about the yawn thing, I am SO doing that!!!!!!! I like the way you think! Come back soon…..~Tonya 🙂

  3. Loved hearing about your weekend.
    Even though my three kids are all grown now your story sure brings back memories of some wonderful but busy times so thanks !
    I hope you post your crust recipe sounds wonderful!

  4. Yummy looks great! Those New Years treats look like Ollie Bollen. Or ‘Oil Balls’. Which is a very dutch treat made at New years! I totally get the more than one thing per weekend. And I only have one child to tote around!

    You always looks so darn good, You don’t want to see how I look on a regular basis. Although I got dolled up last night to go to a family dinner.

  5. Hi Tonya ~ Yes, we can totally be friends through cyberspace! Your comment on my blog was such an encouragement–it is soooooo easy for me to get “tunnel vision” and become completely focused on what I *don’t* have, forgetting that God is bigger than what I can see and that He has provided for so many other people in bigger ways than I can even imagine. It’s encouraging to hear your story, to realize that everything doesn’t have to add up perfectly. Maybe God’s plan is for the numbers NOT to add up so that we have to trust Him. Aaaahhhh, I have to admit that I don’t really like that option!

    Love your Saturday morning breakfast ritual! We started a “make a big breakfast together” routine on our honeymoon, and it’s spilled over to Sunday mornings now that we’re not lounging carefree on a beach anymore. 😉 And I giggled when I saw the polka band’s name: Schniggle-Fritz. Love it!! Aren’t little old men the cutest?!

    • Nikki, Don’t you think the Lord gets so tired of putting Him in a box, and limiting His power in our lives? I do this alll the stinkin’ time! I am also bad about taking the wheel and saying, “I’ll drive Lord, I’ve got this.” Good thing He loves us so very much! 🙂 You know what they say, “If you wait to “afford” kids, you’ll never have any!” Tick-tock girly! 🙂 No, just teasing! As with all things, I think this is a great time to be asking the Lord what His plan is for your family, and start believing that He will provide for all your needs should you choose to one day be a stay at home momma! Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” TRUST HIM, pray about this, and when you are ready? Take the leap of Faith and prepare for the ride of your LIFE! Yay for big breakfast! What a fun tradition! Keep it up after you have kiddos, you’ll never be sorry. You cracked me up about Schniggle Fritz, I ALMOST put something about cute old men in my post, but refrained, but my thoughts EXACTLY! I just wanted to hug them! 🙂 Have a great day! Thanks for taking the time to write back….Tonya

      • Honestly, I’ve never even considered having kids before we can “afford” them. My husband and I are both dead-set on me being a stay at home mom. I’ve seen so many couples in the past few years start their families with the intention of transitioning to one income, and for whatever reasons it doesn’t work and mom ends up continuing to work at least part-time. I’m petrified of ending up there. And I put all the responsibility for that on MYSELF: If I can just check all the boxes perfectly right now, then of course God will work all that out in the future. But it’s still all on me to get it right. Can you tell I’m more Martha than Mary?! I’m so glad for your input and the reminder to trust God to provide for our needs. It is a daily choice. Looks like Mike and I have a lot to talk about on our road trip later this week!

      • Oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean. I am a Martha all the way….busy, busy, rushing around fretting about my own agenda and plans for how things should go. Just like it says in Luke, “Martha, you are so upset over all these details!” I am part of a Bible Study, “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” and we were JUST talking about Mary and Martha this week. I am so proud of you, for being open to God moving in your heart, for opening your eyes to see your effort to control your own future….this is exciting, God is at work in your life!! This is the part where you leap and trust God will never let your foot strike a stone. This is the part where you let go of your so-called destiny, and give God the opportunity to COMPLETELY blow your mind!!!! 🙂 I am praying for you, Nikki! Happy Road tripping this weekend! 🙂 Email me anytime privately if you’d rather not have your private life in the comment section! lol 🙂 daleandtonya@msn.com ~Tonya Hebrews 11:1 “What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot see yet.”

  6. Marvin is our Saturday Morning Cook Too. It is always pancakes, bacon or sausage, eggs, ect… The kids love it and usually he let Mommy sleep in if we don’t have stuff going on which during upward season did not happen much, but I love Saturdays, especially the ones when he loads 3 of the 4 up and jaunts off to some Daddy and Kid event ie.. the zoo, shopping trip, off to K-State for Alumni Meetings (only a few times a year) ect..

    We are blessed to have the wonderful daddies we have in our lifes!!!

  7. If I would have known the polka band was going to be there I would have tried to come! Well, truly, we couldn’t make it that weekend, but seriously, if they are there again next year I want to come!!! Looks like they would be worth the drive….I love live music!!! I wonder if anyone got a recording of them.

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