New Crayons

  There is NOTHING better than new from the box, perfectly sharp, crayons!

I still get excited about it, just like when I was a kid.  037

 Oh, and new fresh color books that don’t have a scribble on each page, by a certain someone named, Avery!!!! (Or, when I was a kid, a pesky little brother named, CHAD!)

   So, you can imagine my glee whenever my kiddos ask me to color with them.  You can also understand my rush to get the crayon colors I want out of the box, (sneakily as to not create drama and teach crayon snatching) before my sweet babies grab them and ruin those gorgeous tips!

  I love coloring! It’s so soothing.  🙂  036


(Please excuse Avery’s hair, she just woke up from nap here, it’s CRAZY!)


Pax had fun too, he found the markers quite delicious.


Afterwards, we all displayed our art work on the fridge, so daddy could come to the “Art Show” when he got home from work.  Of COURSE, I do not have a photo of that.  No, no, that would’ve been FAR too insightful of me.

Oh well, use your imaginations! 

Happy Weekend to you! See ya Monday!


2 thoughts on “New Crayons

  1. Tonya,

    The church I went to when I graduated from High School gave every Graduating Sr. a Box of Brand New Crayons and a Coloring Book so when the stresses of College became to much we could sit down and color!!! 🙂 LOL!!!

    Now I have all my coloring mediums (Copic Art Markers being my very favorite) that I color with when I find the time to stamp and color and create!!!

    Coloring is a huge stress relief!!!


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