Waiting for supper is SO exhausting!



Check out those luscious lashes!


  Speaking of sleep…..

  Tylan, now 4, is starting to exhibit signs of being done with afternoon naps.  (No, please not yet!!!!) So, I let him read by flashlight and “rest” for an hour or two instead…..


  The good news?  Half the time this occurs.  🙂


  I am such a better mom after quiet time.  I think after the kiddies outgrow sleeping during the afternoon, we’ll still divide up to separate rooms for reading time. We are all more refreshed and excited to play together again after a few hours of quiet!!!!!

  Speaking of quiet, I better go get some stuff done while they are all down!



10 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzz….

    • I just had a moment of silence for you in honor of your good and long run with naps! LOL 🙂 For real, great job! Nappers until age 5 is my goal too! Here’s to still having quiet time mid-afternoon for silent reading from age 5 on…… 🙂

  1. My daughter, now 7, gave up naps at 2 1/2. I still need the mental rest so sometimes we have Break Time with 30 minutes on the timer and no noise. Reading or playing quietly and no questions for mommy. It helps!

    By the way, Taco Pie was fantastic and made it into the regular rotation. Strawberry bread? Was that supposed to be TWO loaf pans? I’ll try it again. And I tried to go three weeks without a trip to the store. I’ll summarize my efforts by saying you are my new hero.

    Have a great day!

    • I just took some Taco Pie pictures last night after supper and plan to do a blog post about it soon. I mean, the world needs to know about Taco Pie, right?! 😛 I am SO sorry about the strawberry bread typo! YES, it does make 2. SORRY! Yay for 3 weeks of no shopping. It’s hard at first, and takes some major planning, but you’ll get it, its worth it, and has saved us so much in the long run! Keep up the good work!!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love to hear from other mommy’s! 🙂

  2. What! He still naps! That is such a cute picture of Paxton. Mac is starting to give up naps, and his second birthday isn’t until end of July! Very jealous. I too need the mental break, and the time to get school work done for my college courses. I agree that it’s easier to be a better Mommy after you’ve had quiet time in the afternoon.

    • Stick to your guns, he may do like my kids and go through a stage where they only rest and play in their bed that 2 hours, but they eventually went through a growth spurt or whatever, and before long we were napping every day again. A little quiet time in bed never hurt anyone! 🙂

  3. I have always found that when they tried to give up naps at a very early age if I kept the routine of putting them in their room and they had to stay there they would soon start napping again very soon.

    If you let them keep coming out for lots of fun then they will keep coming out tired or not. Willow comes home from All Day Kindergarten (we waited a year to send her since she is a summer Birthday, and I was not hip on all day Kindergarten so I still pick her up at 11:30 one day a week for some fun) anyway she often comes home from all day K with signs that a nap would have been a really good thing for her to have had that day and she will turn 7 this summer)

    That time in the Afternoon is essential right now to keep our Sanity LoL!!! I am at a stage with the ages of mine though that their naps are off so I don’t get more than about a half an hour if I am lucky before the girls get off the bus and that is NOT NOT NOT enough time 🙂

    Great post Tonya!!


    • I was JUST telling my friend Kate about that very thing! Just stick to that routine, it comes full circle and they learn to nap again! And they NEED it as bad as mommy needs the break! 🙂 I just recently got it to where the 2 middle kiddos go down at 12:15 and Pax nurses at 12:30 and goes down at 1. That means quiet time for me until 2:30, YAY! 🙂

  4. Okay…I know, stick to your guns. But what we ended up with for the last few days was him FINALLY falling asleep at 3 or 4, sleeping 2-3 hours, then not falling asleep until 10:30. We can’t do that! So we decided to switch it up for now and not let him nap, and he goes to be at 7:30. When we would try waking him up after 30 min or 1 hour of his nap, it would end with him crying and whining for hours because he really wanted to sleep! It’s only day two of no naps, so we’ll see how it goes!

    • We went through that as well, and you are right, it does stink when they finally fall asleep so late that it messes with bedtime! (that creates a whole nother mess!) Here is what I would do: Put him down from 1-3 or whenever “normal” nap time used to be. Give him books, toys, cars, whatever, and require he stays IN bed to play. Tell him you will come knock on the door when its time to get up. Stick to your guns about making him stay in there until 3, no coming out! His body will most likely “reset” one of these days, and nap again. But even if not, he’ll know what that 2 hour mark feels like, and will soon not even try to come out until that rest time is over. You NEED the break, and when you add other babies to the family, you’ll be SO thankful you “trained” him for that 2 hours of resting time. Every battle you fight and win now, makes for a much smoother path in the future!!

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