I had one of the best surprises of my life this weekend……

  Before I tell you, let me give you a bit of a back story.  All week Dale had been, um, needy?! Annoying.  No, I’ll stick with needy.  Super needy, which is way out of character!  He kept saying things like:

“Babe, what do we have next Saturday, can you clear the calendar?  I just want to be with you and spend some time together.” 

“Honey, I really want to have lunch with you on Friday! Can you make that work?”

  See, I was super-duper stressed trying to get ready for this private clothing sale followed by a garage sale for ALL my baby stuff this week..  I spent HOURS and HOURS, days and days, pricing and sorting at my mom’s house.  You know I am super anal, so each table was organized by size, season and neatly arranged in rows. 


I was honored he was seeking me out, but really?! This week of ALL weeks!?

  I got done quickly Friday morning, with the finishing touches for the sale, (ready to start at 2 that afternoon) and called to say Yes, I was indeed going to be able to have lunch with him like normal, as “Family Friday” lunch at Grandma’s restaurant dictates.  He was happy. 

  Well good for him. 

  I was stressed, but whatever, as long as it meant that much to him, I could make it work. I was semi-honored, semi-annoyed at this new clingly Dale.

  I was standing next to our table, cutting the children’s food, when someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned and gasped:


A million thoughts flashed through my mind! Drea, here in KANSAS? But she belongs in FLORIDA?!  What in the world?

  I turned the other direction and saw my Dad, whom I affectionately still call, “Daddy”, and promptly screamed. 


 I then burst into tears, jumped up and down, still screaming, then going back and forth between Dad and Drea, hugging them, and basically bawling my eyes out. 

  It was the best surprise EVER!

  When I finally got myself under control, I looked around to see who witnessed my scene and saw everyone wiping tears from their eyes. 

  I love people who have “never let anyone cry alone” policies.  🙂  They said it was very touching moment to witness.  Dale didn’t have my camera to capture the moment, of course, so it’s all kinda a blur to me.  He said it was just the reaction he was hoping for.

We sat down to a nice lunch, and I found out that Dale had known about this surprise for weeks.  Thus the neediness!  It all suddenly made sense.  No wonder he didn’t want me to have a garage sale this weekend, our special guests were only able to stay through Wednesday, before they continued on the journey to their original destination.  They made a 600 mile “jaunt”, just for us.  🙂


  We enjoyed a fun weekend, and the garage sale went exceptionally well, despite horrible winds Friday, that blew clothes and entire clothing racks clear across the driveway, and bitter cold rainy stormy Saturday!


   Destiny came after school Friday, to sell Butterscotch Oatmeal M & M cookies and rocks. (which she left at home, so cookies it was!)


  She made $20 before tithing, saving and “overhead fees”. (meaning she has to pay for the M&M’s)  We want her to learn to manage her money, as well as use this opportunity to teach her how a business works.  She was so proud!


  Sunday, we became members of the church we’ve been attending for almost 10 years…..


 Then, as tradition states when Papa & Drea come to visit, we eat lunch at The Airport Steakhouse. YUM!



115Hmm, can you guess where the TV showing the “Big Game” was located?!?!?!



Since the weather was gorgeous, we spent the rest of the day outside reading, playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline, and just having fun!!!!!


187                                                           Being on vacation is SUCH hard work!!!! 


  Destiny is off for Spring Break this week, so we plan to just lay low, hang out, BBQ and enjoy Papa & Drea while they are here.

In other weekend news:

Paxton pulled himself up to standing, using the front of the couch. WHAT?! He just turned 7 months!!!!  He was so darn proud.


 linkypartybutton-1 The Korean Noodle Bowl Recipe I submitted won 2nd in the “Made it On Monday” contest through this site.

Horray!   🙂




  Hope you had a great weekend too……I’m off to Bible Study and then to spend some more time with mi familia before they head out Wednesday.


Happy Monday!