Weekend Fun

  Anytime we have an extra fun weekend, I try my best to post about it Monday morning.  So, without further ado, another blog post called: “Weekend Fun”. 

  Not to be confused with this “Weekend Fun” or this “Weekend Fun” , either. 

  Hmm, guess I am not very creative at names for posts about weekends.   🙂

  Friday was unofficially dubbed “Grandparent’s Day” at our house:

  First, we headed to Tractor Supply with the children’s Great Grandparents, to carry out our yearly tradition of seeing the baby chickies.  The kids ADORE this and it’s so fun to do things with my grandparents now that they live near-by.

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Guess who brought their own dollars to buy chickies? 

Yup, my kiddos.

  We now have 5 more Feathered Fergusons to add to our flock.

  Destiny used her garage sale money to buy 2 chickens and plans to sell the eggs to raise money for a horse or something fabulous.  This will be SUCH a good opportunity for her to learn to tithe and save.

 Tylan used his birthday dollars to buy 2 also.  He helps gather eggs and can also plan to split egg money with big sis.  We’ll need to sit down to explain tithing and saving to him, but I think he’ll catch on in no time!  I am still looking for those cool banks that look like 3 buildings, each with their on money slot: a church, a bank and a toy store.  Tithe, save and spend!

Avery doesn’t have any dollars yet, but since there were 5 Australorp chickens, she got the bonus chicken as a present from the other 2 kids.  🙂  No egg money for her yet, not until she is old enough to feed, water and gather on her own.


  We made the new baby chickie’s a home in an old washtub out in the garage with a heat lamp.  I am unsure how long they need to remain under the lamp, but Google should be able to help answer that!  We have a second chicken coop we discovered in the back of an old garage on our property, and it shares a courtyard with our existing chicken coop.  We plan to divide up the courtyard with chicken wire and protect these chickens from the territorial first batch so they don’t peck them to death. 

Who knew Chicken’s could be so vicious?  Not this countrified city girl!


Feeding time!080  Next, we ate lunch at Grandma’s restaurant, yum!  I have no photos because well, I was feeding my face and it didn’t cross my mind.  I had a Schnitzel which is a pork sandwich on Rye. Delish!  My kids had their usual, Chalupa’s.  And Dale had chicken and rice with spring rolls.

  After naps, we headed to the next “Grandparent’s day” stop, my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house in Yoder, a sweet little Amish town.  These are the folks whom Destiny dubbed “Gwamma” and “Gwampa” back in the day before my grandparents moved here from Phoenix, and they graciously adopted our kids as grandkids.  They asked if they could babysit so we could have a date night. 

  A date night?

 Uh, yes please!

  We had an errand to do in Mt. Hope, so we decided the sensible thing to do would be to get Subway and eat in the car while we drove.  I am telling you, everything changes once you have multiple kids!  Sensible as it sounds, I packed all the fun supper accessories to go with our purchased sandwich, and we had a lovely chat as we drove and ate…interruption free! 

  When we returned to Yoder, we got a milkshake to share from a local joint called “Bulls-Eye Grill”.  It was awesome, Dale swore it tasted just like a raspberry Push-up Pop from when he was a kid. 

  We decided to walk around Yoder a bit.  Dale took my hand as we walked, and I have to say, I scarcely knew how to hold it anymore! LOL 🙂  I am so used to holding the hand of my kids, I almost couldn’t figure out where my fingers were supposed to go!!!!!  Date nights are nice, aren’t they?! 

  We had fun window shopping and taking pictures of each other and the scenery after I discovered my camera was still in the car from our Chickie Adventure earlier in the day. 


It’s too bright Dale, I can’t see you!



  These cows were standing so nicely for my photo…..

Until I thought it’d be fun to MOO at them. 

  Dale joined in, and they took off like I had shot them with more than my camera. 

Hmm, my little dairy farmer must not speak fluent cow anymore?!131

  Reality started setting in, along with the setting sun, and we knew it was time to get the kiddos home and to bed.  It had been such a fun and busy week and weekend with the excitement of Papa and Drea and now these fun Grandparents dates, all packed in one day.  133

   And just when I thought they day couldn’t get any better, a fun surprise was waiting for me in the mailbox:


  It was from my new blogger friend, Lark from Lark’s Country Heart. She awarded me Second place in the recipe contest she had and had sent me my prize.  According to Dale’s motto, usually second place is the first loser, but look at this stuff…..Winner all the way!

He totally agreed.



What a fun and generous gift!  I am SO excited to cook with these new beautiful things.  Thanks a million, Lark! Your thoughtful gift was the perfect ending to a super perfect day! 🙂

Hope you all have a Happy Monday!



8 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I love baby chickies!! We raised both laying hens and fryer hens for a number of years when I was growing up, and they are always so sweet and tiny and adorable as chicks….I didn’t enjoy them nearly so much when they grew up, though. What a great opportunity to instill good financial values in your kids–it’s a lot easier to learn the hard lessons when you’re their ages than as an adult!
    I love Amish towns (at least, I think I do. I’ve never been to one.). I used to pretend I was Amish and at one point actually wanted to become Amish when I grew up. That was a short-lived season…not as short lived as the time we went on a field trip to a monastery/abbey and I decided I was going to be a nun! My Dad laughed so hard when I told him that in the car on the way home!

  2. You commented on wanting to find a piggybank that had the three slots for tithe, save and spend. I remember listening to Larry Burkett (Christian radio finance guy) and he suggested adding another “slot” for charity. My two boys are 9 and almost 11 and we got 4 plain, plastic cups that they decorated for each category. At the end of each month, they bring their tithe to church. At the end of the year, they pick a charity and we donate their money. Last year they picked an animal shelter. It’s a great way to teach them about charity.

    • Ooo, I LOVE this idea! Did you do a certain percentage, or just what they felt led to give????? We have two Compassion children we sponser, that could even go to help pay their sponsership fee, if they so chose. Thanks, Kiki!

  3. Mr Burkett recommended doing 10%, 10%, 10%, 70%. They have used their “spend” money for charity (Haiti, Japan). It’s great to see the positive effects this exercise has on them. 🙂

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