I LOVE when my kids play nicely together!  Don’t get me wrong, they really do great most days, but I mean really play together.  Like:

“I’ll get out the farm, and you get out the doll house and let’s be neighbors!!!!!!”


  Everything is happy in Neighborville…….but then? 

{Cue dramatic music} Duh done done

  Enter: “Tankzilla”.  008

Must. Destroy. Dollhouse.


Hmm, this baby carriage looks like a tasty morsel.006

Avery: “Nooo! Not the baby carriage!”007

Must. Destroy. Farm house.


{Side note from mom:  Ooo, what a cute little hiney! I should get a photo of it!}



Hmm, a farmer?  Why yes, he’ll do quite nicely for my snack.018

Farmer: “No, please, don’t eat me!  Take a chicken, no no, a pig,  just please don’t….”


(muffled protests)


Tune in next time, for another nail-biting episode:

“Tankzilla Strikes AGAIN!”


Happy Monday!


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