The Sleep War

  I don’t know what it is about my kids….something in their genetic makeup?  The stubbornness they get from their father?  But my babies, every single blessed one of them…has hit an age during their first year, where they FIGHT SLEEP.  Like arching their back, throwing the binky, flailing around to prevent the inveitable….sleep.  Whether at home or church, a few minutes of fight must ensue.

  I had to sigh the other day at church, when a friends baby, simply layed her head on the nearest shoulder and drifted off to dreamland.  She is just a few weeks older than Paxton.  Her name is Meadow.

Here is a pic of Meadow and Paxton meeting for the first time last summer….. Paxton is 3 weeks here and Meadow is 5 days. 177178


I love the scowl on his face! Like she is totally invading his personal space or something! 🙂

  Sweet little Meadow could teach Paxton a thing or two about sleeping in public.  I have to take him out of church EVERY week, just to get him to sleep before slipping back in service, since I don’t want to be “THAT” mom.  You know, the one with the noisy baby that disrupts the sermon.

  He squawks and squeaks, pulls my hair and arches while chucking his binky down the pew, all in the name of staying awake during morning naptime. 

I have photographed the process below from the comfort of my recliner:

050 (2)002003


Ahh, once again, sleep wins.

Sleep –1  Paxton – 0

It was a nice try, Paxton.

Better luck next time!



8 thoughts on “The Sleep War

  1. I love the picture where he’s leaning his head on his hand… “but naptime is so boring, mom!” 🙂
    I’m amazed you can get him to sleep at church at all! Consider yourself lucky! My little girl (10 mos) simply will not take her nap at church… WAY too many interesting people who will smile at her.

    • I love seeing a baby peek her head over momma’s shoulder in church!!!! I’m pretty sure Paxton is providing similar entertainment to the rows behind us with his raspberry blowing and head shaking “nooooo” right now. lol 🙂 If we didn’t stay from 9-12 because of both church and Sunday school, I might let him skip, but he’s a train wreck without a nap of some sort. Oh well, this too shall pass and then I’ll miss holding him in church!!! 🙂

  2. I’m proud you get him to sleep at all while out in public…LOL. I completely understand. My son is 5 now and STILL fights sleep. His brain just never wants to shut down. Your pictures are so beautiful. It is so good that you capture so many moments. Years from now, this will be like a scrapbook! 🙂

  3. Awww how sweet all those pictures of him falling asleep are so priceless!!! Well Sweet Meadow is fighting sleep right now LOL!!! 🙂 I am always in awe of parents who get their kids to take Pacifiers I have NEVER had one we could convence to take one they would do it for a few days in the hospital and maybe a week or two at home and then they all acted like we were trying to force a 10 inch barrel down their mouth and refused to even attempt to take one!!! LOL!!!

    All of Paxton’s fighting sleep might be why he is crawling, pulling up, and all kinds of stuff and Meadow is just now getting good at sitting on her own 🙂 LOL your babies are all so adorable Tonya and I love all of your pictures you are such a wonderful Mom!!!

    And last but not least I never expected to see pictures of my precious peanut on your blog today those few pictures of them that first meeting were so cute I LOVE them!!! Thanks for the nice surprise!!!


    • Good thoughts and sweet words as always, Heather!!!! I’m glad you popped on here to read today, I was going to message you to be sure you saw our sweet babies who have changed SO much! Probably time for an updated shot of them!!! 🙂

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