“Child Safe” Scissors? Riiiight.

  Avery loves to have “cutting time”.  Cutting is a great thing to learn around age 2.  I promote it!  I am glad she enjoys it!  It’s great for their developing motor skills!

Avery is grounded from scissors until further notice.

Avery decide to use said scissors to saw off a chunk of her hair.

And I do mean saw off. 

They are Child Proof Scissors.  They aren’t supposed to cut anything but paper.  They are dull as all get out.

Exhibit A:

Guilty face. Nervous giggle. 

“Uh, momma? I cut my hair.”

It sounded more like “uhmommaicutmyheyo” in I’m-in-Big-Trouble-so-I-am-Going-To-Mumble  Avery speak.


See the smirk? Oh my word she is naughty.  Waaaaay different than the other kids.  They’d already be bawling at this point from sheer guilt!

Exhibit B:

The hair.


Exhibit C:

BIG trouble!  Pondering life and all it entails. 


Asking me: “Do I not have long hair like Destiny anymore?”


Exhibit D:

This is after I told her she would have boy hair if she cut it again.


Ok, not really, this was after I put her in time-out for hitting her big brother, but  it was fitting to the story I thought.

Happy Day to You and Yours…

I am off to hide ALL the scissors.



5 thoughts on ““Child Safe” Scissors? Riiiight.

  1. Funny!
    I think hair cutting is a rite-of-passage. I’ve found it only happens with one child and the other kids are so traumatized over mom’s reaction that they know to not ever, EVER, cut their own hair. 🙂

  2. Ohhhh, this is priceless! At least it’s a very SMALL chunk of hair, and it’s SORT OF in the region of the bangs, so it isn’t VERY noticeable. Love the “boy hair” comment….but I’m glad the mere thought of boy hair didn’t drive her to tears like that!

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