See It, Grab It, Taste It

  Paxton, mobile as of 6 months, has officially entered the “See it, Grab it, Taste it” stage of his life. 

  Funny, after 4 kids, you’d think I’d remember all the hoopla that comes along with this stage, but alas, I had already forgotten (blocked out?) just how on your toes you must be with a newly mobile child. 


  The other kids are having to learn not to play things like Polly Pocket, or anything involving small chokeable parts, while he’s awake.  Dale is having to be careful to not let change drop out of his pocket after work.  And me?  I am having to pick up every fuzz, speck and crumb from the floor…..

Oh wait, I already do that everyday.

Ok, so I’ll keep up my OCD ways, and we’ll be fine.  🙂

    Just today, I rescued poor Sophie from Paxton, as he joined her in eating lunch….HER lunch. 025

Here is what I fished from his mouth:



But that is NOTHING compared to what happened next:

I hear Destiny frantically hollering from the bathroom.  This is not an uncommon occurence at my house, as we woman tend to be a bit theatrical. 

(WHAT?! I can admit it.)

So, used to such dramatic out bursts during the day, I took my time drying my dish pan hands before heading over to see what was going on.  As I walk through the dining area, she calls again:

“MOOOOOOM.  I mean it, GET IN HERE! Paxton is LICKING the TOILET!”


Well that got me moving in a hurry.  BARF-O!!!!!!  I’d take dog food in the mouth any day over TOILET LICKING! 

  The OCD side of me wanted to sanitize his precious little formerly-clean mouth, but instead I calmly asked her to please please PLEASE keep her brother out of the bathroom when she is in there from now on.

Inside I was saying: This is an immune booster. This is an immune booster.

This is….



Ew. Ew. and Double Ew.

  Maybe Paxton’s nickname should no longer be “Tank” but “Destruct-o”?016

Or, “The Cleaner”. (as in the TOILET cleaner. Again I say Ewwwww.)


Nah, “Tank” it is.


  My sweet sweet baby, “Tank”.