Happy 30th Birthday!

  Today is Dale’s 30th Birthday! 

In honor of this special occasion, I am listing 30 reasons why I looooove him so.


 1.  He is a hottie pa-toddy.

2.  Well, he still makes my heart flutter!!


3.  He is very level-headed.

4.  He helps me to process things clearly, without my emotions getting in the way.

5.  He is an awesome daddy to our 4 blessed children!058

 6.  He loves our kids so much and shows it every day.






7.  He does breakfast duty every morning so I can nurse Paxton his first feeding of the day, all snuggled in bed, in peace and quiet.

8.  He doesn’t complain about it, not even when 3 out of 3 kids spill something that morning.

 9.  He turns on the electric blanket in the winter, hours before bed and stacks pillows on my side, so it’ll be warmer for me. Plus, as a bonus? He lets me put my cold feet and hands under his warm body until they thaw out.  🙂

10.  His feet hang off the end of our bed, but he doesn’t complain.001

11.  Did I mention there’s never a dull moment when he’s around? 161157

{Dale was letting me practice my camera settings on him in these photos. I was preparing for my first ever Senior Portrait session for a family member.  Little did he know, I’d be using them this week for this post! hee-hee} 158

12.  Dale is 6’ 1, I am only 5’ 4 ,(Ok fine….I’m 5’ 3 1/2) I love how he makes me feel small when I am in his arms.


13.  He makes me feel beautiful, despite what having 4 kids has done to my girlish figure.193

14.  He makes me feel safe and secure.

15.  He gets up in the middle of the night to see why the dog is growling and I am too scared to do it myself.094



 16.  He takes his turn getting up with the non-nursing kids in the middle of the night so I can get some sleep.041

17.  He also gets out of our warm bed in the middle of the night, to add a log to the fire so we stay warm in the winter .

18.  That man makes no sleep, look good! If only we were all so fortunate! {Concealer, anyone?}

19.  He works hard at his job to take care of our family, as well as caring for our property and the hours it takes to maintain it.


20.  He is a hero to Tylan, who has wanted to be JUST like his daddy from the start!054  Pax will soon follow.

21.  He has a great laugh!

22.  He has a really deep voice, so much so, that people ask him if he’s in radio all the time.

23.  He is witty, answering them: “I tried to do radio once, but I just didn’t have the face for it.”056

24.  He can always make me smile, even when I am super-duper ticked off at him.

25.  He is a firm, but loving disciplinarian to our kids.


26.  He expects them to treat me with respect and says so often.

27.  He treats me like the Queen of this castle.

28.  He puts away his own basket of laundry to help me out.

29.  He can fix just about anything! A Mr. Fix-it all the way.046

30.  He is my soul mate, my very best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my eye to catch across the room when the kids say something funny.

  My heart leaps with joy when I hear his ringer on the phone, or see him pull in the drive after a long day at work. 


Happy 30th Birthday to my Daley-Poo!