Anticipating Easter

Easter bunnies

  It’s Easter week!  And with it comes excitement, anticipation and rejoicing.

Easter simply represents LifeNew life, in Christ!

  How appropriate that we celebrate Easter during Spring, when things are hatching and blooming.  When new shoots of green are finally peeking through the dull of brown winter ground. 


The fresh promise of new beginnings surround us.  God is present in nature each and every time you step out your front door and smell the fresh air, hear the birds singing happily in the trees, and feel the sun beating down on your face. 

   With this week, comes the anticipation of family dinner with baked hams, party potatoes and green bean bundles. (recipe coming later this week)

  Followed by lemony fresh pies and fluffy desserts. 

  The excuse to put away the dark colors of winter, and bring out the white lace tights, foo-foo girly dresses and white patent leather shoes. 

  To anticipate family traditions for little ones…like Easter baskets, Resurrection cookies (recipe coming soon), egg hunts and nibbling the ears off chocolate bunnies! 

  More importantly, this time of year is a vivid reminder of Christ, and the sacrifice He made by giving His life so that we could be made new. 

Oh how beautiful, oh how wonderful, is my Saviour’s love for ME!