I’m A Gentleman!

 Tylan LOVES to be told he’s a gentleman. He often races to the door to hold it first for “us girls” just so he can be told again what a gentleman he is.

  The other day, I heard a sweet, proud little voice say: “Hey Mommy?”

  When I turned, this is what I saw:


Melt.  My.  Heart.


Now if I could just teach him to pee indoors, we’d be set on the “Gentleman” thing!

049  That cute lil’ white hiney deserves a close-up:


  His daddy taught him to do that, you know.

  I can hear him now:  “That’s my boy!!”


HA HA HA!  🙂

  No worries, only a garden hose caught at the perfect time. 

  Let’s keep it G-rated, people!!!!


P.S.  Did you notice my new 4 little Ferguson header pictures, located at the top of this page?  My babies are growing up! A big thanks to my friend, Lisa from Toddlers & Scholars, for making it for me.