I’m A Gentleman!

 Tylan LOVES to be told he’s a gentleman. He often races to the door to hold it first for “us girls” just so he can be told again what a gentleman he is.

  The other day, I heard a sweet, proud little voice say: “Hey Mommy?”

  When I turned, this is what I saw:


Melt.  My.  Heart.


Now if I could just teach him to pee indoors, we’d be set on the “Gentleman” thing!

049  That cute lil’ white hiney deserves a close-up:


  His daddy taught him to do that, you know.

  I can hear him now:  “That’s my boy!!”


HA HA HA!  🙂

  No worries, only a garden hose caught at the perfect time. 

  Let’s keep it G-rated, people!!!!


P.S.  Did you notice my new 4 little Ferguson header pictures, located at the top of this page?  My babies are growing up! A big thanks to my friend, Lisa from Toddlers & Scholars, for making it for me.

6 thoughts on “I’m A Gentleman!

  1. So your girls don’t pee outside?! Love the new header and that is a perfectly timed photo of Dale! So adorable that Tylan loves to be called a gentleman, glad you are teaching him that in a dying society of gentleman!

  2. Oh, Tylan is such a sweetheart!! Those photos totally made my day. What a sweet young man you have!

    I busted up laughing at the peeing outside pictures…totally going to show Mike this post!!

  3. It does just melt your heart when your little ones bring you flowers!! Oh, and the tinkling outside is a standard at our house. Only because we live in the country mind you, but the younger ones tend to forget when you visit grandma’s house in town. Oops! Sorry neighbors if you got an eye full! 🙂

    • Oh girl, I hear ya! When Ty was first discovering the art of peeing outdoors, he dropped trough in the middle of the front yard….just a few feet from the 50 people we had over for a Sunday school BBQ. I’m not sure I’ve ever sprung into action faster than I did that moment! lol 🙂

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