Taking Chore Charts To the Dot.com World

  I talked to you yesterday about chores.  Ugh, chores.  The necessary evil.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  The older Destiny gets, the easier it is to send her to her room, knowing when she exits, her laundry will be put away.  Or when I send Ty and Avery out to the kitchen, I know they will put away the majority of the dishes from the dishwasher without my help now, which is a nice change.  It took some one-on-one training and it took some extra time, but eventually they mastered the chore to the point of doing it alone most of the time.  The payoff I am seeing so far, is so worth it!  It gives me hope that one day I can hand them a dust rag, vacuum and the windex and send them to clean their own rooms!

  We used to use only sticker charts to reward good behavior and getting chores done promptly.  But recently, I discovered a site that helps keep track of your kids daily, weekly, even once-a-month, chores.  I promptly filled it out and we have been successfully using it ever since.  I love it and the kids are so proud to get to come to the computer and check off their items. 

MY JOB CHART was created for the conscientious parent as a tool to help teach their children to work.

….. An online job chart helps parents manage household jobs easily and efficiently.

Using an innovative job chart that is based on technology, positive feedback, and mutually determined rewards, myjobchart.com helps parents help their children be responsible and develop a good work ethic.

Here is how it works:

I log in and manage all chores and their point value.  I decide what days what chores need to be done, and myjobchart.com does the rest, listing off each child’s chosen chores for that particular day, in an easy check-off list. 


This is what my screen looks like.  I can edit chores by day, or change how many points each job is worth as needed. It’s so simple!  


Once after school and once before bed, each child logs in and checks off their completed tasks. The kids seem to respond best when they get to check chores off right away, otherwise, we’d not be logging in twice a day.  I supposed older kids would be fine logging in right before bed and feel rewarded for the tasks they had completed in the morning.  But little ones? Definitely still into instant gratification! 🙂


The kids love the log in part, because they have their own password! SUPER COOL!


This is the screen Destiny sees when she first logs in:


  She checks the boxes of her completed tasks and off to the right you can see her total points are 133 so far.  Below that is a sticky note where I leave her messages.

This is an example of the reward page.  It keeps track of how many points your child has earned, as will as automatically subtract points when they spend them!


    I am so pleased with this website and how responsive our kids have been to using it.  Best of all….it’s FREEEEEEEE!  And if it’s free, then it’s for me!

Go check it out!  www.myjobchart.com

  And no, they are not paying me to tell you about this, just something I’m excited about.  Hmm, that WOULD be nice though! 🙂