What I Would Tell Them…


If I knew what to say.

You are a miracle, straight from the hand of our Heavenly Father.

I have to love you this fiercely, so that you can feel it even when you are sitting in the Time Out Chair.045

Or after you leave for school each day.


Or even while you are asleep.016

After your childhood becomes a memory, I want you to remember my love for you.


You may forget all this when you grow up.
But it’s okay.

Being a mother means having your heart-broken.

And it means loving and losing and falling apart and coming back together.

And it’s the best there is.

And also, sometimes, the worst.

Sometimes you won’t have anyone to talk to.

I am here for you.

Sometimes you’ll wonder if you’ve forgotten who you are.

You haven’t.

The person you are is there, way down, deep inside you.

Don’t change for others.  Be yourself. 

Shine for Jesus. Be a light to this dark world.

I love you, and I know you inside and out. 

And more importantly?

Your Heavenly Father knows you and calls you by name!

But you must remember this: what we do in this life matters.

And you have to be brave with your life, so that others can be brave with theirs.

139Sometimes, you have to laugh even though you feel like crying.

You have to stand strong for what you believe in.

Often, you have to show grace and give mercy,

That’s why I have to love you this way,

So I can try to give what I have to you.

So that you can carry it in your body and pass it on to your kids one day.

I have watched you sleep.


I have knelt by your bed, breathing a prayer over your fevered, sweaty forehead.

I’ve kissed you a million and one times.

Brushed the hair from your eyes.

Picked you up when you’ve fallen.


Lost sleep over your future.

And I know something that you don’t, yet:

That time is like dust, scattering in the wind……soon it is gone.


And in every moment of every day, you are writing the story of your only life.


And my greatest hope for you, sweet child, is that I can teach you how to write a good one.

One that counts.

One that honors God so that one day He can say to you:

“Well done, good and faithful servant.  Well done!”

Oh, how wonderful that day will be, when you are standing next to me, at Heavens gates.

Why I was chosen to be so blessed with such a difficult task as raising you up to know right from wrong, good from evil, even left from right, is beyond me.  But I do know this…..

It’s is the hardest, scariest, most rewarding task I’ve ever been given.  023

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of Motherhood.

“For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath granted me that which I have asked of him.”  I Samuel 1:27

“Her children arise and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31:28

Happy Mother’s Day to you!


4littlefergusons picture

“No one else knows the strength of my love for you. 

After all, you’re the only ones who know what my heart sounds

like from the inside.”