I Think I Am Out of Words…….Or Not.

  I think I am out of words.  Seriously, this never happens to me!!!  I have nothing to say!!!!  After pouring out my heart and soul into last weeks posts, I’m pooped!  So, this week will be a light one, I have loads of delicious recipes I’ve been wanting to share with you, so be watching for those in the days and weeks to come.

  We had a GREAT Mother’s Day weekend, but super-duper busy! The kind of busy where you are home just long enough to trash the house before leaving again.  The kind where you throw your kids to bed, exhausted at 9 pm every night, even though 7:30 pm is closer to what we shoot for.  The kind where even though we said no to a few activities, we had something going every single day. 

  Oops, this is getting long, I thought I was out of words? Hmm, guess not!  🙂

  We started the weekend off, by helping set up and decorate for our Sunday school’s annual “Fancy Dinner”.  Dale and Destiny (and cousin Brooklyn) were kind enough to let me check my camera lighting on them….I was disappointed that the lighting was much harder to deal with the night of the party, and I had many a blurry, orange photo. How frustrating!


Typical Dale pose


Best Friends

This “Fancy Dinner” was held Saturday night at the church.  I wanted to wear this black halter pantsuit I wore to one of Dale’s formal work parties from back in the day, but alas, this momma still has some baby fat to loose from Paxton.  And doggone it, if I didn’t have to wear a regular church outfit instead. 

  Funny how something like that can totally make it or break it for how you feel for the night.  This giant flower-feather thing in my hair made me feel a little bit fancier…er, more fancy!?  (English anyone?!?!?!) 


Yup, this is as good as it gets these days.  Funny how your level of “Made up” changes when you’re in sweats and tinted moisturizer 6 days a week! hee hee 🙂


Here are some pictures of our awesome Sunday school class:



The sister Master-Minds behind this whole party…130129

We all had a great time!   Each year has a different theme, this years being Outdoor Café.  Super fun!  The food was delicious and served in courses.



  I was too busy feeding my face to remember to take pictures of each course! {Sorry girls, I’ll do better capturing your lovely event next time!}

  Afterwards, Dale and I were in charge of “The Not So Newlywed Game”. If you have never played this, you need to.  We were in hysterics!  I’m talking shrieking with laughter until our faces hurt.  There were prizes awarded to two couples: 1) a semi-tame “bedroom themed” gift for the winning couple, who OBVIOUSLY do not need to work on communicating much.  2) A devotion book on communication and coffee mugs/coffee for the losing couple, who need to talk more.  🙂


  The Not So Newlywed Champions!!!!

{Interesting tid-bit: this couple has been married the shortest amount of time, go figure!}

  Mother’s Day photos are next, but it’s after 11, so I am not going to explain or story-tell. Remember, I am out of words, haha.  🙂


The Breakfast Circus Show begins…..



  Family Birthday/Mother’s Day BBQ at my Uncle & Aunt’s house:


  I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family this weekend! 

  Oh, and did you hear the latest Mothers Day statistics?  Recent test data confirms that if your mother could not have had children, you could not either. 

Shocking, I know.

Happy Monday!