Closed Until Further Notice

  It’s a sad, sad day at the Ferguson house. 


  After several days of “difficulty” in the area of toy clean up, meaning an hour of me telling the 2 “middles” to quit donking around and just clean up…….

“But I’m on the phone right now….”006

Momma hit her limit today. 

The announcement was made that the play closet is CLOSED until further notice.


Let the theatrics unfold…….

“{sob sob sob} But my swords and cars are in there!!!!!! {sniffle sniffle sob}”


Only Ty was devastated by this announcement!  Stubborn Avery just watched in serious contemplation, as Tylan opened his mouth and wailed.  008

032This was a less than satisfying reaction for me, the punishment giver, but I suppose her tears will come later when she heads to the closet for her baby stroller and is stopped by the Toy Closet Police.

Oh the life of a mother…..

Gotta love it! 🙂

Before you feel TOO sorry for my toy-less children, you should remember how many toys live OUTSIDE the Toy Jail, I mean Play Closet.